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PowerHand by Dextor Works

Dextor™ Power Hand $169.95 each or $298.00 for 2

Our New Power Hand is a great idea and is a powerful deck tool that is designed to save you time by increasing the efficiency of your deck installation. This great new tool can straighten and hold any deck board, even our Brazilian Hardwoods and can be used on multiply deck boards if needed. It is tightened with your power drill which makes it much easier to use!

One Power Hand will make installing longer decking boards faster and easier. Some contractors use two Power Hands so that they can straighten the entire board prior to fastening it. The Power Hand will not only pay for itself quickly but will also increase your productivity and definitely help ease your installation due to our new power drill tightening process.

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Bo Wrench $64.99 each

This wrench is great for someone who is building their deck by themselves and they need an extra helping hand or anyone working with long deck boards to help straighten them while you fasten them in place.


  • 24-inch handle closes 2-inch gaps, joins tongue and groove boards and it can be used to push or pull your boards.
  • Heavy-gauge steel construction for durability.
  • 26 by 4-1/2 by 1-1/2-inches and weighs only 5-pounds.

Hardwood Wrench


Joist Jaw-logo.jpg

Joist Jaw by Grabber $39.95 set of 2

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The Grabber Joist Jaw is the perfect accessory anyone who is going to be framing a deck. Like a second pair of hands, the Joist Jaw holds up the rafters and joists, eliminating the need for two people. The Joist Jaw automatically levels the cross member with the rim joist or ledger giving the framer a “hands free” position while installing the joist hanger or other connectors. With just a couple of twists, the Joist Jaw clamps down on its target from the top or the bottom and holds your lumber tight! The joist jaw is reusable and made of zinc plated durable steel.


This bit is perfect for drilling for the recessed lighting for your new deck.

$34.95 each.