Bamboo Decking


Now Available in 2 Great Colors - Classic and Epic


Fused Bamboo decking is sustainable, easy to install, durable, beautiful, low maintenance, Class A Fire Rated and comes with a warranty. We have seen this decking and the pictures do not do it justice, it is absolutely gorgeous! Please ask for your free sample today so you can see the natural beauty of bamboo decking for yourself.

In 2006, the Dasso Group introduced dassoXTR exterior bamboo products to the world market at the Shanghai Expo in China, where almost two miles worth of this highly durable, outdoor-use Bamboo was featured on a giant exterior project. Since then, dassoXTR has been incorporated into many notable building and remodeling projects throughout the world. In fact, dassoXTR is the only Bamboo product with a proven track record for use in both commercial and residential construction and remodeling projects.

This decking goes through a process that fuses it into a dense, extremely durable exterior deck or siding product. The Bamboo is harvested when it is 6 years old, shredded into Bamboo Fiber, fused into panels and then milled into .XTR Decking, RainClad Siding, lumber and panels. The modified bamboo strands are then fused together using bamboo natural lignin and phenolic resin – the same resins used to make bowling balls. The end result is an extremely dense, durable exterior-use product composed of 87% natural, fused strand bamboo fibers and 13% resin. This makes our Bamboo deck boards extremely stable with only a 0.02 movement factor and a 0.03 water penetration.

Bamboo is a fast-growing, environmentally sound resource. Along with its incredible natural strength and distinctive beauty, it makes the perfect choice for your new deck! Bamboo has a Janka hardness of 3820 (Ipe is 3680).

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth, with reported growth rates of 39" in a 24 hour period! The growth rate is based on a lot of factors and species. The normal growth is 1.2 - 3.9 inches per day. Some of the largest Bamboo in the world can be over 98' tall and 5.9 - 7.9 inches in diameter. Bamboo is not a wood, it is a grass so stems are ready to harvest in 5 - 6 years. After harvesting the mother plant, new shoots will continue to develop from the root system. Bamboo does not have knots or band rays, so it has a more consistent look than most decking boards.

Bamboo has a high wettability so that strips can be glued firmly in place for any special projects you may have. Bamboo is also great for making outdoor furniture.


dasso.XTR decking has been factory pre-primed with WOCA penetrating oil to enhance the richness of it's appearance as well as to penetrate all reeding, grooves and end matches for added protection.

Fused Bamboo Decking Boards



  • 1X6 Decking
  • Please call for a custom quote
  • (3/4" X 5 3/8" X 6')
  • Reversible: Smooth/Reeded
  • Off Joist End Matching
  • 3 Boards per Bundle (18 l.f.)
  • One Side Grooved with End Matched T&G
  • Hidden Fasteners or Face Screw


  • 1X6 Decking
  • Please call for a custom quote
  • (3/4" X 5 3/8" X 6')
  • Reversible: Smooth/Reeded
  • Off Joist End Matching
  • 3 Boards per Bundle (18 l.f.)
  • Both Sides Grooved with End Matched T&G
  • Hidden Fasteners or Face Screw

Whether you choose to finish your Dasso XTR Fused Bamboo Decking with a UV Oil or let it naturally gray overtime, it has a beautiful rich color. Perfect for any decor.


Whether you choose to finish your Dasso XTR Fused Bamboo Decking with a UV Oil or let it naturally gray overtime, it has a beautiful rich color. Perfect for any decor.

  • Top - Weathered over time
  • Bottom - Finished with a UV Oil made for Hardwoods

***PLEASE NOTE: For pre-primed lumber you should wait 90 days after installation before applying your Woca Oil.

Fused Bamboo T&G Porch Flooring


1x4 Dasso.XTR Fused Bamboo Reversible Porch Flooring XTR-POR18-96-PP

Our Dasso.XTR Fused Bamboo Reversible Porch Flooring will welcome your visitors with a beauty and elegance that unifies your outdoor living spaces. DassoXTR Bamboo Porch Flooring has a tongue and groove fit that outperforms common porch flooring in both aesthetics and durability.

  • Thickness: 3/4"
  • Width: 3-3/4"
  • Length: 6' Lineal (6 - 6' pcs. per bundle)
  • Feet Per Bundle: 36.00
  • Square Feet Per Bundle: 11.35

Fused Bamboo Lumber

2X6 Lumber.jpg

2X6 Lumber


  • 2X6 Lumber
  • 1 1/2" X 6" X 6' 1/10"
  • S4S and E4E
1X8 Lumber.jpg

1X8 Lumber


  • 1X8 Lumber
  • (3/4" X 8" X 6' 1/10")
  • S4S and E4E
2X6 Commercial Grade Decking.jpg

2X6 Commercial Grade Decking


  • Commercial Grade Decking
  • 2X6 Decking
  • (1 1/2" X 5 3/8" X 6') S4S + E4E

2X3 and 2X4 Coming Soon!

  • Classic Espresso 2" x 3" x 6.1' Pre-primed Lumber
  • Flush Fused Bamboo
  • Net Size: 1 1/4" X 2 1/2" X 6.1'
  • Classic Espresso 2" x 4" x 6.1' Pre-primed Lumber
  • Flush Fused Bamboo
  • Net Size: 1 1/4" X 3 15/16" X 6'

With Our Dasso.XTR Bamboo 1x8 and 2X3, 2X4 and 2X6 lumber for exterior use the possibilities are endless. From handrail to beautiful custom furniture and planters to decorative fencing, build one-of-a-kind creations that will not only last but look spectacular for years to come.

1x6 Rainclad Pre-primed Fused Bamboo Siding

  • 1903083_orig.jpg
  • 3765263_orig.jpg
  • 6554580_orig.jpg
  • 7534657_orig.jpg
  • dasso-siding-2-sizes_orig.jpg

1x6 Rainclad Pre-primed Bamboo Siding


Whether you choose siding as an accent or for your entire project, XTR Bamboo RainClad Siding is the aesthetically appealing green choice for a natural material to choose. Made with our Fusion Process Technology, it is built to stand up to the elements.

Thickness: 3/4"

Width: 5-3/8"

Face coverage: 5"

Space between board faces when set in clips: 1/4"

Length: 6.1'

Lineal Feet Per Bundle: 18.30

Installation: Hung on clips which are mounted on-panel or to studs/batten.

Use marine-grade stainless steel fasteners designed for fastening to the panel/batten (wood or metal screws to wood or metal). Such as the Smart Bit Pro Plug System listed below.

Now also available in XTR-SID18-178TG-PP 1X7

Siding Clips

9/16" For XTR RainClad Bamboo siding mounted to batten strips on sheathing construction installations. Three hole pattern assures a securely mounted installation. Batten (furring strip) attachment: when using 1 x 2 batten strips, tack strips in place and use screws that are 3/4 inch longer than would be required if there were no strips (to maintain the minimally required clip screw penetration into the studs). The clips size; 9/16" deep x 1-1/2" wide x 1-7/16".

1" For XTR RainClad Bamboo Siding mounted on sheathing construction installations. Three hole pattern assures a securely mounted installation.Use Stainless Steel #12, Pan Head 1" Wood Screws (item #XTRD-PAN1-SS12) or longer. The clips size; 1-1/11" deep x 1-1/2" wide x 1-7/16". Aluminum Batten Installation Clips creates a wall cavity of 3/4" allowing moisture to rapidly dissipate. Made from highest quality extruded aluminum.


dassoXTR Fused Bamboo Soffit, Deck Skirting and Wainscoting

dassoXTR Fused Bamboo Deck Skirting, Soffit and Wainscoting are pre-primed and specifically designed for both interior and exterior applications with no leaching and zero VOC. They are all Class-A Fire rated.

Our 1/2"x4''x6' dassoXTR fused bamboo deck skirting, soffit and wainscoting are ideal for creating an elegant, long lasting beauty to your outdoor living space.

  • dasso-soffit_orig.jpg
  • dasso-soffit-clips_orig.jpg
  • dasso-soffit-profile-pic_orig.jpg

dasso.XTR Fused Bamboo Panels

What an exciting idea, with these panels, you can create endless possibilities for your outdoor living space. Our fused Bamboo panels are unfinished (not pre-primed). Our Bamboo panels come oversized to trim in two different sizes:

  • 1-1/2" x 2' x 6'
  • 3/4" x 2' x 6'.

These Bamboo panels are ideal for creating outdoor furnishings and accents for years of lasting beauty and durability.



Decking Wing Clip

Hidden Fastener - Decking Wing Clip (Brown Color), 100 piece pack - includes brown screws for wood base and a driver bit.

$44.00 Kit

Pro Plug System and Tool with Bamboo Plugs.jpg

Pro Plug System and Tool with Bamboo Plugs

If you are looking for the durability of face screws but don't want to see the screws, this system is the answer.

Available in 100 pc., 350 pc. and 1,050 pc. Kits

Pro Plug Tool to predrill and countersink for this kit is also available.

Headcote Screws and Smart Bit Tool.jpg

Headcote Screws and Smart Bit Tool

Color matched to your decking. If you want the durability of face screwing and easy installation, this is the system for you.

Trim Head Screws.jpg

Trim Head Screws

If you are letting your decking gray over time and what a screw with a tiny head, these SS Screws are the answer.

These Oils are great to protect the color of your new Bamboo Deck!


  • Renewability: Bamboo is not a wood, it is a grass. Stems are ready for harvest within 5 years.
  • Sustainability: After harvesting the mother plant, new shoots continue to develop from it's root system.

dasso.XTR Fused Bamboo is sourced from Dasso’s own sustainable bamboo forests and manufactured in Dasso-owned factories. Bamboo is a fast-growing grass that can be harvested every 5-7 years. This makes bamboo one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable building products available. Bamboo continues to grow and replenish at an amazing rate.

Bamboo is a notable economic and cultural significance in South Asia, Southeast Asia and East Asia, being used for building materials, as a food source, and as a versatile raw product. Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth, with a reported growth rate of 39" in 24 hours! The growth rate does depend on local soil and climate conditions and species. A more typical growth rate for many commonly cultivated Bamboos in temperate climates is in the range of 1.2" – 3.9" per day during the growing period. Primarily grown in regions of warmer climates, there are vast fields existed in Asia. Some of the largest timber bamboo can grow over 98' tall and be as 5.9" – 7.9" in diameter.

Unlike trees, individual bamboo stems (or culms), emerge from the ground at their full diameter and grow to their full height in a single growing season of three to four months. During these several months, each new shoot grows vertically into a culm with no branching out until the majority of the mature height is reached. At that point the branches extend from the nodes and leafing out occurs. In the next year, the pulpy wall of each culm slowly hardens. During the third year, the culm hardens even further. The shoot is now considered to be a fully mature culm. Around 5–8 years later, the culm will collapse and decay. This brief life means culms are ready for harvest and suitable for use in construction within about a three to seven year time frame. Individual Bamboo culms do not get any taller or larger in diameter in subsequent years than they do in their first year and they do not replace any growth lost from pruning or natural breakage. Bamboo has a wide range of hardiness depending on species and location.

Bamboo that is used for construction purposes must be harvested when the culms reach their greatest strength and when sugar levels in the sap are at their lowest. Harvesting is best at the end of the dry season, which is a few months prior to the start of the wet.

In Asian culture, Bamboo's long life makes it a Chinese symbol of longevity, while in India it is a symbol of friendship. Bamboo, one of the “four gentlemen” (bamboo, orchid, plum blossom and chrysanthemum), plays such an important role in traditional Chinese culture that it is even regarded as a behavior model of the gentleman. As bamboo has some features such as uprightness, tenacity and hollow heart, people endow bamboo with integrity, elegance and plainness.