Bondu Flooring

Our rich, beautiful Bondu Flooring will give a warm look to any room in your home! This wood is used for Flooring, Heavy construction, Furniture , Cabinetmaking, Veneer, Musical Instruments, Bedroom Suites,

Building Construction, Chests, Concealed Parts (for Furniture), Cutting surfaces, Decorative Veneer, Desks, Dining Room Sets and much more. It is extremely durable.


Bondu - Unfinished - T&G and T&G End Matched

  • Premium Grade $3.00 s.f.
  • With some Sap $2.50 s.f.
  • 9/16” x 3-1/4” x 12” to 35” (heavy on 35”)
  • Orders over 2,500 s.f. are .20 s.f. less.