Eb-Ty Hidden Deck Fasteners - Available in 2 sizes.

Eb-Ty deck fasteners are easy to install, maintenance free, compatible with any climate, invisible from the top or bottom of the deck, and guaranteed by the manufacturer to last 100 years. Formed from UV-resistant polypropylene. Automatically spaces your boards 1/4 inch apart.

Eb-Ty Kits contains 175 Eb-Ty Clips, 190 - SS Screws and 12 Plugs.

Your screws go in at an angle through your hardwood and then into your joist, so always remember to pre-drill before inserting the screw.

If your joists are 16" on center, one box of 175 pc. will cover 100 sq. ft.


Original EB-TY® Hidden Deck FastenersTM

$109.95 per kit

For use with 3/4" and 5/4" deck boards

  • Height: 1/2"
  • Width: 1"
  • Length: 2-3/8"
  • Thickness: .140"
  • Keel thickness: 3/32"

Automatically provides 3/32" spacing between deck boards.

The EB-TY® Hidden Deck-Fastening SystemTM consists of black biscuits that are inserted into slots or kerfs cut by a biscuit joiner, or router bit, at each joist. One stainless steel #7 2-1/4" screw holds each biscuit tight.


Original Big EB-TY® Hidden Deck FastenersTM

$120.95 per kit

  • Height: 5/8"
  • Width: 1-9/32"
  • Length: 2-9/32"
  • Thickness: 140"
  • Keel thickness: 1/4"

Automatically provides 1/4" spacing between deck boards.

One stainless steel #7 2-1/4" screw holds each biscuit tight.

This larger version of the original fastener works well with thicker boards, such as 2"x4" and 2"x6" decking material making it ideal for heavy-duty applications including:

  • docks
  • boardwalks

These beautiful hardwood decks were all installed using Eb-Ty Hidden Deck Fasteners