Angelim Pedra

We ship from one of our many warehouses around the country directly to your home or job site anywhere in the continental U.S. We also deliver to shipyards for overseas projects.

Angelim Pedra is a beautiful color hardwood with a prominent grain pattern which makes for a very rich looking deck. Angelim Pedra makes a great decking material due to it's hardness and appearance. The coloring runs from a tan color to almost a yellowish color with brown and darker red vertical grain. This decking is kiln dried.

Angelim Pedra is often used for trailer decking (before it is milled for decking) due to it's strength and durability.


5/4X6 Decking (net size 1 1/8" X 5 1/2")

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You can specify the lengths that you need as long as they are not all 16' !!! (If you do need all 16' lengths, it will have to be approved by our warehouse).