Genuine Fijian Mahogany


Genuine Fijian Mahogany is a beautiful reddish-brown color and is perfect for your new deck or project.

Genuine Fijian Mahogany is kiln dried to a 10-12% moisture content and rated Class 2 Durable. The heartwood will naturally last for 20+ years and the sap wood is MCA (Micronized Copper Azole) Treated and is also rated for a 20+ year lifespan. This wood is legally harvested, a renewable and sustainable resource and is Lacey Act compliant.

It is also CITIES exempt. CITES: ( Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna & Flora )permit- if exporting Native species under CITES-permit is issued by the Department of Energy after a payment of ANNUAL FEES.

  • You can specify the lengths that you need as long as they are not all 16' !!!

    (If you do need all 16' lengths, it will have to be approved by our warehouse).

1X6 Genuine Fijian Mahogany Decking = $2.84 l.f. 6'-20' R/L

  • 5/4X6 Genuine Fijian Mahogany Decking = $3.28 l.f. 6' - 19' Available

5/4X6 Genuine Fijian Mahogany Decking--Grooved = $3.68 l.f. 6' - 19' Available

This Mahogany can also be milled to a siding profile, please email or call for a free quote.

Additional info and more pictures coming soon!