Purple Heart

The beautiful coloring of this Purpleheart Decking is what makes it so popular with deck and dock builders worldwide. Over time, the sun causes this wood to slowly change from purple to a rich, dark brownish-purple shade and eventually to a silvery-gray color if a UV Finisher is not applied. Purpleheart is a hardwood with extreme durability, it is about 2 times harder than Oak.

Some people have a difficult time accepting a purple colored deck on their homes, even though it is temporary. It is important to remember that the purple is only temporary because Purpleheart is an outstanding, naturally durable hardwood and should be strongly considered for your next project.


1X6 = $2.50 l.f. - 800 l.f. and above

  • 1X6 = $3.28 l.f. 6' - $2.75 l.f. - Less than 800 l.f.