Monkey Pod Slabs


Monkey Pod tropical hardwood is gorgeous! These slabs are great for making all kinds of fine furniture and much more!

This wood has a course texture with a straight grain which makes it easy to work with and carve, and is less likely than most woods to crack or dry out. Monkey Pod trees are fairly easy to grow and grow relatively fast, therefore they are considered to be Eco-friendly.

Monkey Pod is used to make bowls and dishes in Hawaii so you are probably already familiar with it! Monkey Pod seeds are edible too!

Color ranges from a med. brown similar to Honduran Mahogany to a Chocolate Brown color. Easily accepts finishers to get the desired look you need/want.

Monkey Pod Bar 11.jpg

Picture Courtesy of Troy at Bamboo Craftsman. See entire project near bottom of page.

All Slabs are Kiln Dried to 8% average Moisture Content

Sanded both faces and ready for final finish. May need additonal light sanding depending on your project and desired finish.

All Slabs being delivered via LTL are subject to a $175.00 crate fee to protect your slab during shipping.

Monkey Pod Slab #16 - $591.00

2" X 22" X 124"

22" End

19" Middle

16" End

Slab 16.jpg

Monkey Pod Slab #17 - $731.00

2" X 25" X 125"

25" End

23" Middle

20" End

Slab 17.jpg

Monkey Pod Slab #20 - $619.00

2" X 24" X 102"

24" End

18" Middle

18" End

Slab 20.jpg

Monkey Pod Slab #24 - $720.00

2" X 27" X 124"

27" End

23" Middle

20" End

Slab 24.jpg

Monkey pod Slab #35 - $959.00

2" X 35" X 123"

35" End

28" Middle

23" End

Slab 35.jpg

Monkey Pod Slab #41 - $710.00

2" X 33" X 80"

33" End

29" Middle

31" End

  • Slab 41.jpg

Monkey Pod Slab #43 - $597.00

2" X 28" X 122"

26" End

27" Middle

28" End

Slabs 43.jpg

Monkey Pod Wood is both beautiful and durable with unlimited possibilities

  • Monkey Pod Bar 1.jpg
  • Monkey Pod Bar 2.jpg
  • Monkey Pod Bar 3.jpg
  • Monkey Pod Bar 4.jpg
  • Monkey Pod Bar 5.jpg
  • Monkey Pod Bar 6.jpg
  • Monkey Pod Bar 7.jpg
  • Monkey Pod Bar 8.jpg
  • Monkey Pod Bar 9.jpg
  • Monkey Pod Bar 10.jpg
  • Monkey Pod Bar 11.jpg
  • Monkey Pod Bar 12.jpg
  • Monkey Pod Bar 13.jpg
  • Monkey Pod Bar 14.jpg

Pictures Above Courtesy of Troy at Bamboo Craftsman.

Monkey Pod Slab #53 - Pics and Info Coming Soon


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