Ipe Furniture

Santa Cruz Ipe Garden Furniture

Ipe Patio Furniture not only makes a great addition for your new deck or patio and adds that "finishing touch", but it is extremely durable and long lasting too.

Santa Cruz Garden Furniture is constructed of Solid Ipe Hardwood, the new standard for hardwood garden furniture. Due to the many characteristics of Ipe, it is simply one of the most strongest woods available for outdoor use.

With a naturally rich color and fine to medium grain pattern, it's sure to fit perfectly in any outdoor space. It's enduring resistance to mold, mildew, rot, decay and burrowers, results in the warmth of wood furniture with unmatched hardwood characteristics.

Combine these natural attributes with the brass, stainless steel, and zinc coated hardware provided, and this makes your garden furniture pieces ones you can truly cherish forever.

Ipe furniture is heirloom quality!

All Furniture is made of solid Ipe hardwood with brass and stainless steel hardware.

Some assembly required.

  • Bell Meade Park Bench1.jpg
  • Bell Meade Park Bench2.jpg

Bell Meade Park Bench

If you are looking for a place to relax in and enjoy your serenity? Place this bold bench featuring the Bell Meade design in your garden or make a grouping with the Bell Meade arm chair for everyone to gather around! This Bench comfortably seats two adults.


Regular Price $599.00 Sale Price $529.00

  • Savannah Park Bench1.jpg
  • Savannah Park Bench2.jpg

Savannah Park Bench

Create an outdoor seating area without any of the hard lines. The Savannah Park Bench is built with the classic arch top design familiar with the Savannah family. Great for that place to relax in the middle of your garden or when creating a seating area for everyone to gather around!


Regular Price $629.00 Sale Price $549.00

  • Hampton Park Bench1.jpg
  • Hampton Park Bench2.jpg

Hampton Park Bench

Here's our design of the always classic Park Bench. This design is as straight forward as it comes with a straight top design. This bench comfortably sits two adults.


Regular Price $665.00

  • Wyngate Park Bench 4-1.jpg
  • Wyngate Park Bench 4-2.jpg

Wyngate Park Bench 4'

Here's a 4' bench for that backless look you've been looking for. This bench works great around your walkways outdoors or as side seating around our Rectangular Dining Table.



  • Wyngate Park Bench 2.jpg

Wyngate Park Bench 2'

Here's the same backless bench with ultimate picnic style in a 2' length. Create random seating in your outdoor space by combining our 4' and 2' benches around our rectangular dining table. You can also use our arm chairs as end chairs for a more formal look!



  • Adirondack Rocking Chair1.jpg
  • Adirondack Rocking Chair2.jpg

Adirondack Rocking Chair

Adirondack style in a rocker! This rocker features traditional style in the back and armrest with a contoured seat. Our design has the rocking motion figured out making relaxation your only priority.


Regular Price $559.00 Sale Price $399.00

  • Adirondack Chair with Footrest1.jpg
  • Adirondack Chair with Footrest2.jpg

Adirondack Chair with Footrest

You can't go wrong with this stylish Adirondack design. Our design features a curved seat, footrest and Adirondack style back and arms for the ultimate in comfort. With features like this you will be the envy of everyone in your neighborhood! The only thing you will have to worry about is how long you've been relaxing!

  • Chair 42"x28.5"x36"
  • Footrest 15.5"x22.5"x25"

Regular Price $659.00 Sale Price $459.00 - 2 pc.

  • Cambridge Sunlounger1.jpg
  • Cambridge Sunlounger2.jpg

Cambridge Sunlounger

Classic Sunlounger design with all of the features you want. This poolside lounger features an adjustable contoured back and legs with armrests! The Cambridge Sunlounger even has a pull out tray to keep that cold drink within easy reach!


Regular Price $799.00 Sale Price $649.00

  • Bell Meade Arm Chair1.jpg
  • Bell Meade Arm Chair2.jpg

Bell Meade Arm Chair

How about a look that puts you above the rest? This chair is certain to turn heads with the bold statement of our Bell Meade line.


  • Regular Price $369.00
  • Sale Price $329.00

Bistro Chair


  • Classic Folding Chair1.jpg
  • Classic Folding Chair2.jpg

Classic Folding Chair

Need room after your gatherings? No storage problems here! These chairs fold easily for storage while maintaining it's Classic look. Pairs great with our Classic Dining Table for a complete look.


Regular Price $239.00

  • Savannah Arm Chair1.jpg
  • Savannah Arm Chair2.jpg

Savannah Arm Chair

This chair features the arched back design of our Savannah line. Pairs great with our Savannah bench for that seating area you've been looking for or you can create an outdoor dining experience by combining them with any of our Ipe dining tables.


Regular Price $359.00

Sale Price $339.00

  • Savannah Bistro Chair1.jpg
  • Savannah Bistro Chair2.jpg

Savannah Bistro Chair

This chair features the arched back design of our Savannah line but with bistro styling. Use with your existing bar setup or our Bistro Dining Table to create a look everyone will remember.


  • Regular Price $399.00
  • Sale Price $379.00

  • Bistro Dining Table1.jpg
  • Bistro Dining Table2.jpg

Bistro Dining Table

Want a different look? How about a Bistro table! Make sure your "above the rest" with our Bistro Dining Table. Designed to work perfectly with our Bell Meade or Savannah Bistro Chairs. This table comfortably seats four.


Regular Price $569.00 Sale Price $499.00

  • Classic Dining Table1.jpg
  • Classic Dining Table2.jpg

Classic Dining Table

Looks Great and is very functional! The Classic family features slightly curved legs for a look that's not too harsh! Pair with the Classic Folding Chair for a complete look. This table seats four to six.


Regular Price $499.00 Sale Price $439.00

  • Round Dining Table 48-1.jpg
  • Round Dining Table 48-2.jpg

Round Dining Table 48"

Here's a dining table that will fit in anyone's outdoor space! This table features an umbrella hole to keep you cool on those hot summer days. Table comes with an Ipe umbrella hole plug if you decide to take in the sun! This table comfortably seats four. Pairs great with any of our solid Ipe armchairs in the Bell Meade or Savannah styles.


Regular Price $549.00 Sale Price $469.00

  • Rectangular Dining Table1.jpg
  • Rectangular Dining Table2.jpg

Rectangular Dining Table

Here's the perfect table for all of your dining and entertaining needs. A classic look for outdoor dining with plenty of room for everyone to gather around! This dining table comfortably seats four to six. Pair with our Bell Meade, Savannah or even our backless benches for an unforgettable look.


Regular Price $529.00 Sale Price $529.00

  • Square Coffee Table.jpg

Square Coffee Table

Clean and bold. Use as a center piece in your seating area or even as an ottoman with your favorite Bell Meade or Savannah Arm Chair!


Regular Price $219.00 Sale Price $189.00

  • Square Side Table1.jpg

Square Side Table

Solid and attractive. Make a bold statement with this beautiful Ipe Side table in your outdoor seating area. Whether it's next to your Adirondack Chair or Rocker for your drink, or to display you favorite items around the garden, it's the perfect accent table!


Regular Price $179.00 Sale Price $149.00

  • Rectangular Coffee Table.jpg

Rectangular Coffee Table

Don't forget the central point in your outdoor seating area! Here's the table everyone at your gathering will use.

Regular Price $239.00 Sale Price $199.00

  • Round Coffee Table.jpg

Round Coffee Table

Are you looking for that garden piece without the hard lines? Here's the table for you! Place in the center of your seating area for a useful table that looks great.


Regular Price $229.00 Sale Price $199.00

  • Round Side Table.jpg

Round Side Table

Elegant design without any hard lines. The slightly higher surface height goes great with our benches to use as an occasional table in your seating area or simply use as planter stands!


Regular Price $199.00 Sale Price $179.00

  • Charleston Serving Cart.jpg

Charleston Serving Cart

Make your guests feel like they're visiting a luxury resort! This Serving Cart easily rolls to wherever the party is with plenty of storage for all of your serving needs. Features two large pullout trays, pop up leaves andeven has storage for your wine bottles! Your Charleston Serving Cart rolls on four solid Ipe wheels.


Regular Price $859.00 Sale Price $759.00

  • Donaldson Serving Cart.jpg

Donaldson Serving Cart

Simple yet effective. Here's the cart for those who want the simple design without losing functionality. The Donaldson Serving Cart rolls easily on the two solid Ipe front wheel for easy moving. Featuring wine bottle storage and a removable tray to make serving a breeze.


Regular Price $519.00 Sale Price $419.00

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