Synergy Wood®

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SPECIAL: Synergy E-Peck Southern Yellow Pine in Auburn

Available 1,760 l.f.

$3.52 l.f. (while supplies last).

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Since 2007, Synergy® products have been installed in a multitude of environments and spanning a variety of markets. From homeowners and multi-family residential to commercial projects, retail and hospitality throughout the nation.

This finish has a gorgeous satin finish that would be the perfect addition to your next project.

Synergy Wood® is a family owned and operated manufacturer of pre-finished wood products used for wall and ceiling applications on interior and covered exterior spaces.

• Proudly Made in America

• 100% Solid Wood

• State-of-the-Art Machinery

• Skilled Artisans

• Handcrafted & Prefinished

• Tongue & Groove, End-matched

• Easy to Install - Less Waste

• Quality & Durable Products

• Nickel Joint, V-joint & Square Edge

• Hand Selected Wood Boards


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