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Synergy® Wood - Pre-Finished Cypress

If you are looking for a beautiful wood that is already finished for you, look no further! Use on your interior ceiling or wall or on your covered deck or porch. This Pre-Finished Cypress is gorgeous!!!


Synergy Now Comes in Cypress, E-Peck, Southern Yellow Pine, Ponderosa Pine and more........

Synergy Pre-finished T&G

Synergy Pre-finished T&G.jpg

This is one of the best products we have seen to enhance the beauty of your home. The pictures do not do this wood justice, the finish is absolutely beautiful and ready to install.

Beautiful grain pattern along with strength and longevity.

Easy installation and exceptional beauty are what make these products perfect for your next project. They include pre-finished tongue and groove lumber with a unique end-match design. All of this wood is available with matching trim as well as crown and base moldings to complete your project.

Available in a variety of colors and furniture quality finishes - Ready to install - Residential or Commercial applications - New construction or remodel - All lengths are end matched for easy installation, less waste, less labor to install, matching beams, moldings and trim.

Info on how to figure the linear footage you would need along with Molding Profiles are available on the bottom of this page. If you need specific lengths, please call for availability.

#2 Grade Synergy Cypress (Has Knots)

  • Your Choice of T&G or T&G Nichel-Joint
  • $3.98 l.f.

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E-Peck Cypress

E-Peck® Cypress in Colonial Color - Creating the rare pecky look of older Cypress trees.

  • Your Choice of T&G or T&G Nichel-Joint
  • $5.03 l.f.
  • E-Peck Cypress.jpg
  • Synergy E-Peck Cypress Colors 2021.jpg

Select Grade Cypress

  • (Almost Knot Free)
  • $7.66 l.f.

Ponderosa Pine

  • #2 Ponderosa Pine in Auburn Color.
  • Strong, smooth and fine grain appearance.
  • 1X6 T&G "V" Groove $3.00

Southern Yellow Pine - V-Joint

  • #2 Grade Southern Yellow Pine in Honey Color
  • Versatile yet strong, makes this the builders choice.

1X6 "V" Joint

#2 Grade $2.38 l.f.

E-Peck $3.47 l.f.

C Grade $3.45 l.f.

  • Southern Yellow Pine - V-Joint1.jpg
  • Southern Yellow Pine - V-Joint2.jpg
Synergy E-Peck Southern Pine Colors 2021.jpg

Southern Pine E-Peck Colors

Southern Yellow Pine C-Grade

  • Southern Yellow Pine C-Grade
  • Please call for a custom quote.
Southern Yellow Pine C-Grade1.jpg

Rustic Seaside

Our Rustic Seaside wood wall boards blend coastal charm with a weathered shiplap style adding not only texture but a vintage character to your space for a unique coastal chic look and feel.

A blend of coastal chic and traditional shiplap along with the warmth and beauty of Ponderosa Pine.

Using only kiln dried, solid Ponderosa Pine Timbers, each plank is rough sawn, painted, scraped and glazed by hand to create a classic beach house cottage style - which is perfect for any interior project.

Rustic Seaside goes beyond just complimenting coastal interiors. It’s subtle and neutral tones are perfect for any nautical or beach front inspired room.

Each box of our Rustic Seaside covers 16.5 sq. ft. of wall or ceiling and is available with a 5” face.

Rustic Seaside is ideal for accent walls, ceilings, covered porches, headboards, columns, a kitchen backsplash or anywhere your imagination takes you!

Synergy Rustic Seaside Colors 2021.jpg
  • Interior Wall and Ceiling Applications
  • #2 Ponderosa Pine
  • ShipLap
  • 1X6 - 5" Face X 11/16" Width - (Ends Sq.)
  • Rough Sawn
  • Multi Step Finish with Low Sheen Topcoat

Rustic Seaside

  • Please call for a custom quote.
  • Trim Boards 11/16" X 3 1/4" Face X 10' Long $2.83 L.F.
  • Touch Up Pen $9.96 Each

Rustic Barnwood

Rustic Barnwood1.jpg

Interior Alcove in Ash.

The rustic beauty of reclaimed wood with the strength, longevity and natural beauty of Cypress wood boards.

Rough Sawn with Wire Brush Distress.

For residential or commercial use, our Rustic Barnwood has all the character of traditional reclaimed barn siding

Synergy Rustic Barnwood Colors 2021.jpg

Boards are T&G end-matched

Boards are T&G end-matched.jpg

Male / Female end matching allows for an interlocked end joint. In ceiling applications, the joint does not have to align with the truss above. Installation time is significantly reduced. Waste typically 5% or less.

Synergy Wood Trim Molding

Synergy Wood Trim Molding is offered in the trim and crown molding profiles shown below to complete the look of your project. Our standard stock molding length is 10' and they are matched in color to your product selection.

Molding & Trim (available in 10' lengths) - Standard profiles shown below.

Molding & Trim.jpg


  • Select $9.74 l.f.
  • E-Peck $11.82 l.f.
  • 10' Lengths Only


Select $5.60 l.f.

E-Peck $6.79 l.f.

Ponderosa Pine

  • #2 Grade $4.18 l.f.

Southern Pine

  • C Grade $3.38
  • 10' Lengths Only


Select $2.88 l.f.

Ponderosa Pine

  • #2 Grade $2.40 l.f.

Southern Pine

C Grade $2.22 l.f.

All 10' Lengths Only

Seal Back of Boards $ .85 l.f.

1X4 and 1X6 S4S Trim Boards

1X4 S4S


  • Select $5.12 l.f.
  • E-Peck $6.17 l.f.

Ponderosa Pine

#2 Grade $2.72 l.f.

Southern Pine

E-Peck $3.93 l.f.

C Grade $2.88 l.f.

1X6 S4S


  • Select $8.28 l.f.
  • E-Peck $9.33 l.f.

Ponderosa Pine

#2 Grade $3.77 l.f.

Southern Pine

E-Peck $4.50 l.f.

C grade $3.45 l.f.

Touch Up Stain Pen

$14.94 each

Stain - Pint

$17.94 pint

Stain - Quart

$27.92 quart

Stain - Gallon

Call for price and availability.

How to figure how much Synergy you need when ordering:

Take the square footage of the area you are looking to cover and multiply it by 2.52, this will give you the linear footage that you need to order. This will also allow you a 5% overage for misc. and/or mis-cuts.


  • #2 Grade Moldings may have loose or missing knots, This is not considered a defect.
  • E-Peck grading allows for a maximum of 2 knot holes per board.
  • Edge & Center Bead is available as a special order on Ponderosa Pine and Clear Cypress.

Installation Info is at the bottom of this page.

Synergy Rustic Barnwood Grey Wall.jpg
Synergy Cypress Pic Ebony 2021.jpg
Synergy Cypress Auburn Pic 2021.jpg
Synergy Cypress Pic #2 Clear 2021.jpg
Synergy Cypress Colonial Pic 2021.jpg
Synergy Ponderosa Pine - Aubrun.jpg
Synergy Cypress E-Peck Pic Custom Color.jpg

Installation Information

Creating a Random Pattern

Tools Needed:

  • Tape Measure
  • Blue Tape for Marking / Placement
  • Nail Gun
  • Air Compressor (for nail gun)
  • Rubber Mallet / Hammer Circular Saw / Hand Saw
  • Jig Saw
  • Nail Set Tool
  • 2" Galvanized Nails to Apply Directly to Truss or 2.1/2" Galvanized Nails to Apply Directly to Drywall


IMPORTANT: During the normal course of installation, you might find some undesirable areas of a board that you may not want in your ceiling (i.e., a knot that might have fallen out, splits, bowed or warped boards, etc). DO NOT SET THESE ASIDE! Simply cut out the area on the board you do not want and use the drops as a starter or end piece. If you set these boards aside during installation until the end, you will have only these boards left and possibly run short.

Also, it is possible to create a random pattern by using boards of all the same length by simply adjusting the starter piece length.

  • 1. Start by cutting a random length from a full-length piece and attach it cut side toward the wall.
  • 2. Attach full-length pieces, sliding tongues tightly into grooves, to complete the first run.
  • 3. Use the drop from the first cut to start the second run from the opposite end and complete the run with full-length pieces.
  • 4. Plan your next cut by measuring to the seam of the second run and adding or subtracting 12 inches. This will be the starter for the third run.
  • 5. Repeat and continue this process until you are finished covering your surface. Make sure you keep joints tight when nailing to minimize twisting.
  • 6. Measure, cut and install the trim moldings around the perimeter of the area to cover gaps at the ends or at the walls. These are the only places you will have to face nail the wood.