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Ipe Oil

  • Ipe Oil 250 - $74.30 gallon

  • Ipe Oil 250 Plus - $69.95 gallon

  • Ipe Oil 100 - $88.94 gallon
  • Ipe Oil 100 Plus - $79.80 gallon
  • 1 Gallon covers approx. 200-300 sq. ft.

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Ipe Oil™ Hardwood Deck Finish is an oil-based natural wood finish specifically designed for use on exterior hardwood decks. Ipé protects and conditions the wood while maintaining a completely natural appearance. Ipe Oil™ Hardwood Deck Finish is used on exterior hardwood to enhance the wood’s natural beauty and helps preserve the color from the suns ultra violet rays.

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Step 1: Clean the deck surface and let dry

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Step 2: Apply Ipe Oil™ Hardwood Deck Finish

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Step 3: Wipe up any excess Ipe Oil™

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The Finish(er) Line............

There are several finishers on the market, but there are things that you want to remember:

  • *Make sure you purchase a UV Finisher made for Hardwoods. Hardwoods are much denser than other woods and therefore your finisher will soak in differently. A UV Finisher made for Hardwoods is made specifically for hardwood and you will have a much better end result.
  • *All UV Finishers have a tint of color in them (even if they say clear or natural) due to the UV Protector in them. ALWAYS try your finisher on a scrap piece of your decking board before you apply it to your gorgeous new deck to make sure that you like it.
  • *If you are applying your finisher near water such as on a dock, make sure to use an environmentally safe finisher.
  • *You want to apply your finisher when it is between 50 and 90 degrees, in either the early morning or early evening hours. This way your wood will not be too warm from the afternoon sun, so your wood will accept the finisher better giving you a much better end result.
  • *Before you apply your finisher, take your hand and sprinkle a little water on your deck. If the water soaks into your deck boards within 30 seconds, your wood is a good consistency to accept the finisher. If the water does not soak in within 30 seconds, let your boards dry because they have too much moisture in them.
  • *Make sure that you brush out any excess “puddles” left by your finisher or you will have a discoloration and those areas will be tacky to the touch and will not dry correctly.
  • *Even though most finishers will say apply every 1 or 2 years, it is usually once a year and sometimes twice a year if you are in an area that gets full sun.