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Premium Grade Brazilian Hardwood Decking, Monkey Pod Decking, Hardwood Siding, Monkey Pod Slabs, Handrail, such as Cable, Wood, Metal and Aluminum Railing, Plus Accessories And More From Finest Brazilian Decking.

  • Premium Grade (Top Grade) Brazilian hardwood for decks - at a Great Low Price!!! Yes we have great pricing on tropical hardwood decking and it is Premium Grade. Some places will tell you lower prices are too good to be true, don't believe the hype. You can get Top Quality exotic hardwood decking at a Great Low Price from Finest Brazilian Decking. We stand behind our decking and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • No job is too big or too small, no minimum order required. We can ship up to 8' and up to 150# via UPS. Larger orders ship via Flatbed or LTL.
  • GREAT PRICING on Ipe Decking - New Lower Prices ALL Ipè including 1X6 and 5/4X6.
  • Also - Dimensional Lumber (Ipe, Tigerwood, Garapa, Cumaru and more) in stock now!
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We always let you know which warehouse your wood will be shipping from and if you would like to visit a warehouse, please call to see if there is one in your area. We can set an appointment for you to visit. We only ship Premium Grade (top quality) wood and stand behind our products.

We never have any hidden charges on our site or our quotes. Some companies charge hidden "extra fees" or the price per linear foot changes as you order it online, please be careful when ordering online, that is why we prefer to talk to our customers to make sure you are getting what you need and to save you money if possible. Our business is built on trust and referrals so speaking with you is a definite plus for everyone.

We have visited (and continue to visit) the warehouses that we ship your tropical hardwood decking wood from and the free samples that we send you are cut from the same boards that you will be ordering/receiving.

All shipments are insured at no extra cost to you.

We sell Premium Grade (top of the line) exotic hardwood decking. All of our Brazilian Hardwoods are correctly/sustainably harvested and pass the Ibama Act (Brazilian Act for wood to leave Brazil) and the U.S. Lacey Act (needed for wood to come into the U.S.).

We have great pricing on Brazilian hardwood for decks because we are shipping from the warehouse directly to you so there are no added costs, which saves you money.

SUMMARY: Things you want to know:

Where is my wood being delivered from and what is the lead time?

We are always happy to tell you which warehouse your wood is shipping from (we have been shipping from the same warehouses for years) and can send you documents that show your wood was responsibly harvested. We can tell you the warehouse lead time and the approx. shipping lead time (approx. for shipping because unfortunately we cannot control the shipping companies)..

If they are an online seller (like we are), have they seen the wood?

Yes, in our case we have been to the warehouses and seen the wood plus we can send you a free sample cut right from the same wood boards that will be packaged for your order.

Can you go to the warehouse and visit if you choose to?

If you want to see the wood, you can visit the warehouse, with an appointment (the appointment is due to insurance purposes). We also have/can send you references from customers who have been buying from us for years.


Prices are subject to prior sales. Current Quotes are good for 30 days (possibly longer depending on species, please check with us if your quote is older than 30 days).



Ipe is a beautiful walnut color Brazilian Hardwood that makes not only make the perfect deck but is low maintenance and long lasting as well. Ipe consists of dark brown tones and is known as Brazilian Walnut. When the sun hits your wood, you might even see a reddish or greenish tint from your Ipe decking materials.

Shipping directly from the warehouse to you - which is what keeps our Ipe prices from sky rocketing.

We now have Ipe in stock on the West Coast.

Ipe Spindles (round or decorative) now available! Details and pictures coming soon. Call for details.



Tigerwood is the most exotic of the Brazilian hardwood decking materials that we have. Tigerwood decking has rich reddish tones and some prominent darker grains that make it a gorgeous choice for your new deck. Please Note: Not all boards have the heavy grain pattern.



Garapa is a Honey Gold color which makes Garapa a lighter color choice and a less expensive alternative to Ipé.



Massaranduba is a rich Brazilian Hardwood that is a little lighter in color than Ipé and has a beautiful reddish cast to it. It is known as Brazilian Redwood.



Cumaru is a great choice for your new Brazilian Hardwood Deck. Cumaru is also known as Brazilian Teak. Cumaru has various colors/shades so it makes an absolutely beautiful deck choice.

We do not have online ordering for our deck boards because we believe in giving you the personalized service you deserve and we can also be sure you are getting exactly what you want/need plus we may also be able to help you save money at the same time! Please call and speak with a hardwood specialist today.

We have online ordering for accessories only!

Finest Brazilian Decking is an independent, privately owned company and we are not a subsidiary of any other hardwood decking company or distributor.

We are not a "middle man", we import directly from Brazil (and work with other warehouses that are direct importers as well to bring your Brazilian hardwood decking materials (at great low prices) directly to your home or job-site). (We have several warehouses across the country that we can ship from to save you both time and money).

**Please BE AWARE that on some websites with online ordering, DO NOT BELIEVE THE LINEAR FOOT PRICE that you see on their site, the linear foot price goes up with the length that your click on while ordering, so it is not the same price you saw originally and think you are paying per linear foot**

All major credit cards are accepted (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) along with Bank Wires, ACH, Checks and Certified Checks.

Ask about our referral program! Refer a friend, neighbor or relative to us and if they purchase 800 l.f. or more in decking, we send you a check as a "thank you gift"!

Ask about our price match program - our sales team is here to help -we will try to match or beat any current quote you may have.

Again - Online Ordering - We do not have online ordering because we prefer to speak with you and give you the personalized service you deserve (and this also allows you to send an email with pictures/drawings). This way we can learn more about your wants and needs, which not only ensures that you are getting exactly what you are looking for but we may be able to give you ideas which will save you money (example: if you are installing Ipe Steps, be sure to buy Ipe Shorts and save money per linear foot, you can save .45 - $1.00 or more per linear foot! That is just one example of how we can help you save money).


*** Please Note - Don't believe the hype:

Don't let companies "lure" you in with low prices on 1X6 Ipe and then do the old "bait and switch" to a higher priced product. 1X6 Ipe (3/4" X 5 1/2") has been used, tested and proven for decades. Please don't let anyone tell you that you have to go to a 21mm decking board. You are only talking approx. 1/16" of an inch (.076 of an inch) difference in the thickness (see picture below). Ipe 1X6 has been tested, tried and true for many, many years! We can get 21mm Ipe, but why pay more for it? Don't let low online prices for 1X6 then a "bait and switch" to 21mm (for more money) fool you.

PLEASE Read: We've discovered that a lot of people are confusing the grading of wood with the finish of the wood. Premium Grade is from the heart of the tree and virtually knot free. The decking boards are ready to install BUT please keep in mind - this is all natural wood so depending on the finish you are looking for, some light sanding and/or cleaning may be required. This is true of any real wood (not a man-made material) that you may be looking at.

Some people are looking for a basic wood look to match their home while others may be looking for an exceptional smooth finish to match a more modern design.

Also remember that this is natural wood and there can be a +/- tolerance of 1/8" difference in width due to expansion and contraction.

Acclimation and Storage

Always let your wood acclimate to your climate. Make sure it is stored in a place that it cannot get wet until you install it. MAKE SURE it is stored with stacking sticks between the boards and that it is off of the ground. If it is outside, make sure that it is covered, but make sure to leave ventilation so air can still circulate around your wood. If you store your wood in a garage, make sure to have ventilation for air circulation and that the area does not have heat or air conditioning. If the wood came from a warehouse close to you, let it acclimate for a few days and if it did not come from a warehouse near you, you should wait a minimum of 7-10 days before installing it.

Here are just some of the Beautiful Brazilian Hardwoods, Advanced Decking Supplies, Fasteners, and Accessories that we have available. Make sure to take advantage of all of the great Brazilian hardwood decking products that we carry!

Black Talon Pic.jpg

Black Talon Hidden Fasteners

Several million square feet of decking has been installed with these clips for more than 20 years! 301 fully hardened, stainless steel that allows clips to stay tight with the deck boards during expansion, contraction and sub-structure movement. Our proprietary leg design holds the clip in place during installation while setting a consistent gap between boards. Alternate leg design allows for installations not parallel to your joist or for joists larger than a 2" nominal.

Black oxide treated to reduce visibility from top of deck.

Home-Acc- Ipe Clip Extreme.jpg

Ipe Clip Extreme, Extreme KD and Extreme S

Ipe clips are made specifically for Brazilian Hardwoods (such as Ipe) to give your deck a clean, sleek look with no screw heads showing. These clips are made to go into the grooves that can be milled in the sides of your boards. The Ipe Clip Extreme fits into the groove while the stainless steel screw goes through your hardwood and then into your joist to hold your hardwood boards securely in place. This is a very stable hidden fastening system and has a SS Center and SS Screws, the color coating on the outside is just to blend the clip in with your particular project.


Headcote Screws and Smart Bit Tool

Pre-drill and countersink with one bit- in one motion!

Color matched screws will blend in with whatever hardwood you are using!


Pro Plug System

This system is great. SS Screws with plugs to match any project.

The Pro Plug Tool pre-drills and countersinks for both your screw and your plug in one easy step and has a stop to stop at the perfect depth for the plug.

Plug Kit includes screws, plugs and a special glue applicator cap.

Tools Sold Separately.

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