Penofin's Hardwood wood stain penetrates into dense hardwoods to both nourish and stabilize your wood. Our unique formula penetrates deep into the woods fibers and will not create a surface film. Unlike high-solid wood stains that only coat the surface, Penofin's Hardwood Finish (using sustainably harvested Brazilian Rosewood Oil), is the choice of wood experts and homeowners who know that penetration into the hardwood is key to longevity and beauty. Penofin allows your wood to breathe, which is important when working with exotic hardwoods such as Ipe, Tigerwood, Cumaru, Teak, Mahogany and many other species. Only Penofin Penetrating Oil Finish can meet the needs of your hardwood in fiber penetration, protection, nourishing and stabilizing.

$59.95 per gallon

Coverage: approx. 400 square feet per gallon.

Available Colors

Natural: Allows the natural beauty of your wood to show through.

New: Hardwood Tones

  • Ipe: Is a rich, lustrous deep brown and enhances the natural colors of your wood, such as Ipe, Cumaru and more.
  • Tigerwood: Is a perfect tone - deep rich red with black undertones. Great for Tigerwood and Other Exotic Species.


Penofin® First Step Prep For Hardwood

  • Removes Mill Glaze caused by the machines during the milling process.
  • Formulated especially for hardwoods.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Fast and easy clean up.
  • Opens the wood's fibers for maximum penetration.
  • Penofin First Step Prep For Hardwood Data Sheet

Quick Facts

  • Wood stain is especially formulated to penetrate dense hardwoods.
  • Added ultraviolet protection from the suns harmful rays.
  • Transparent natural tone allows the beauty of your wood to show through.
  • Penofin is used on some of the largest theme park boardwalks in the world.
  • Advanced mold and mildew protection.
  • Leaves no surface film that will crack, bubble, or peel.

Hardwood Application

Use a brush or sprayer. Brushing gives best results. Brush thoroughly and back brush Penofin into the wood leaving no excess. Wipe entire surface after 20-30 minutes with a nap-free cloth. Do not allow film to develop on wood surface. Apply when there is no chance of rain during the process or during the twelve-hour drying time. If rain occurs spots may develop on wood surfaces. Do not apply in direct hot sun! A minimum air temperature of 45° is required during application and drying time.

Repeat this application within 3-6 months and again within 10-12 months. Over time the wood fibers will become fully protected and maintenance will become less frequent. Product should be applied more often to horizontal areas and also areas with high ultra-violet exposure or heavy traffic. Store all oily cloths in water in a metal bucket until properly disposed.

Coverage 400 square feet per gallon.

It is best to test PENOFIN on your wood to determine the desired color. The shade can be affected by the type of wood, the manner applied, the length of time the oil is left on, and by the number of coats.


  • When you use Penofin maintenance is a snap. Because Penofin is a low-solid product, there is no stripping or sanding necessary. Simply wash the surface with water and a mild detergent. Allow wood surface to dry completely, approximately 48 hours.
  • Follow the application methods listed on the previous page for a fresh and beautiful wood surface

Trouble-Shooting A Sticky-Tacky Surface Avoid overapplication by following the instructions we just covered. In the event of an overapplication, use the following methods to resolve.

To Remove Excess

  • Allow Penofin to dry for seven days.
  • Use Penofin Protech Cleaner and scrub the surface with a nylon or natural bristle brush. Do not use metal brushes.
  • You may also use Penofin Wood Stripper for tough jobs.
  • Allow the surface to dry for 48 hours before reapplying


  • Penofin is an oil-based product. Clean brushes and other application materials with mineral spirits or paint thinner.
  • AVOID SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION of oily rags. Soak all used cloths in a covered metal bucket of water, ensuring the cloths are completely covered with water. Cover until they can be properly disposed at your local hazardous materials drop-off.

*According to the Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001, "Spontaneous combustion is a phenomenon in which a substance unexpectedly bursts into flame without apparent cause. In ordinary combustion, a substance is deliberately heated to its ignition point to make it burn. Many substances undergo a slow oxidation that, like the rapid oxidation of burning, releases heat. If the heat so released cannot escape the substance, the temperature of the substance rises until ignition takes place. Spontaneous combustion often occurs in piles of oily rags, green hay, leaves, or coal; it can constitute a serious fire hazard."

Caution & Warnings

  • Combustible - keep this product away from heat, open flame, and sparks.
  • Beware of spontaneous combustion. Make certain all rags or other materials used with Penofin are soaked in water, stored in an air-tight container, or otherwise disposed of safely.