Deck Board Layout Ideas

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Decks aren't just decks anymore! They now create an entire outdoor living space. They can have a living area with a fireplace, a dining area, a grill area or a relaxing place by the pool. Because of all of the new ideas and the way your space is being used, you need to remember that you can lay your deck boards down in any number of ways that will not only separate the areas on your deck but save you money at the same time!

Below are just some of the many ideas on how you can lay your deck boards for your specific needs.


This is a basic deck layout with a border around the edge to not only give your deck a finished look but to hide the ends of your boards as well.


This is the same deck as above but with a landing (with the same border) and steps added.


This is the same basic deck idea as the first drawing except by adding a center board you not only divide your deck into two distinct areas but save money at the same time by using shorter boards!


This is the same deck as above but with a landing (with the same border) and steps added.


This deck uses 2 different species of wood which give your deck a unique two-tone effect. This can be used with any deck idea to give your deck a one of a kind look.


You can angle your deck boards to match any surrounding architecture or just for a different look than a basic deck. Angled boards also make a smaller deck seem bigger.

Please keep in mind that angled decks use just a little bit more wood so please remember to figure that in your deck plans.

Example: A 200 sq. ft. basic deck would use

440 l.f. and an angled deck would use

480 l.f. - 500 l.f. depending on the angle used.

More design ideas to follow soon!