Apply ExoSheild


Preparing to Apply ExoSheild Finisher


1. Be sure to scrub your deck thoroughly removing all grime, dust and any mildew (if existing deck) that may exist.

2. If needed deck cleaners and brighteners are available from Deckwise (we do carry both). The cleaner is a combination of Sodium Percarbonate and Soda Ash.

3. When mixed with water, the cleaning solution can be applied to the wood surface with a garden chemical sprayer and left to soak for 5 to 10 minutes, keeping the surface wet.

4. If your deck is an existing deck, it should then be thoroughly scrubbed with a stiff-bristle broom or brush and then rinsed completely. It may take two or three applications to remove several years worth of dirt and mildew, and fully restore the original color of the natural wood. The brightener product will also bring back the color.

After Cleaning Your Deck

After properly cleaning the deck’s surface, if you have an existing deck, we recommend that a wood brightener is applied in order to remove tannin stains. The wood brightener will stop the caustic action of the wood cleaner, leaving the deck or siding lumber in a neutral state, in addition to brightening the natural color tones of your wood.

Important: After applying the cleaner and brightener, be sure to let the deck dry out completely which will usually take 2 to 3 days. An easy test to see if you deck is dry enough is to sprinkle some water on your deck from your hand and if it soaks in within 30 seconds, you deck is dry enough to apply your finisher.


Many wood surfaces may require some degree of sanding, especially if you have an existing deck that has aged more than a few years.

Areas that have been badly weather-beaten, have grease from grills or contain loose fibers require a light sanding using an 80 grit sandpaper. Hardwoods require a lower grit sandpaper than softwoods. Always use caution when sanding to not gouge the wood and always sand with the grain.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a fast way to clean off dirt or grime from hardwoods prior to applying ExoShield.

Pressure washing is not recommended unless it is very carefully monitored and on the lowest setting ONLY.

Pressure washing may cause damage to the lignin which binds the wood fibers together, damaging the internal structure of the wood. Pressure Washing on softwoods is not recommended.

Pressure Washing Warning:

• Use no more than 2800 psi.

• No less than 45 degree tip.

• Keep tip at least 4” from the wood surface.

ExoShield Product Preparation

1. Even when finishing fresh wood, a completely dry surface is required.

2. Do not finish your deck or siding with ExoShield unless you have had a minimum of 2 to 3 days of dry weather and do not expect rain within 24 to 48 hours.

3. If the wood surface does get wet soon after finishing, you will likely get water spots on the surface which must be sanded out

prior to a light refinishing with ExoShield.

4. After finishing, avoid contact with the surface for at least 48 hours.

5. ExoShield is safe for indirect food contact within 14 days. ExoShield SHOULD NOT be used on CUTTING BOARDS,


6. ExoShield will take up to 30 days to fully cure to its final hardness.

ExoShield Application

1. Stir ExoShield thoroughly and also occasionally during application to ensure even application.

2. Apply only at temperatures above 45 Fahrenheit / 7 Celsius.

3. ExoShield may be brushed, rolled, sprayed or applied with a microfiber pad onto the wood surface. If rolled or sprayed make sure to go over with a cloth to ensure that you do not have any puddles that can dry tacky, see step 6.

4. We recommend microfiber rollers and cloths because they prevent cloth fibers from being left on the surface of the finish.

5. For large job applications we recommend using a 3/8” nap microfiber roller.

6. Allow the sealer to dry 20 to 30 minutes, then wipe off an y excess material with a clean, dry microfiber or other lint free cloth.

7. Do not over-apply ExoShield. Excessive finish on the surface of the wood will not be absorbed, and must be avoided.

8. Although multiple coats may be applied, ExoShield is formulated to be a one coat product, saving you both time and money.



Spontaneous combustion may occur in used cloths, brushes, rollers and applicators if not properly disposed. PILES OF USED


To properly dispose, place the rags in an empty metal container that has a tight metal lid, such as an old paint can, fill the

remaining space with water, and seal the can. Take the container to your local hazardous waste disposal center as you would with any paint or varnish product.