Brazilian Hardwood Decking Pattern & Layout Ideas

Brazilian Hardwood Decking Pattern & Layout Ideas

Who wouldn’t love a beautiful and functional outdoor living space where they can gather with friends and family? A lot of homeowners want a deck, and hardwood is a great option for their addition. We’ll discuss some top Brazilian hardwood decking pattern and layout ideas that will transform your outdoor living space into something extraordinary.

Single-Width Pattern

One of the most traditional yet iconic looks for a deck is the single-width pattern. This layout involves installing full-length deck boards in a single direction, creating clean and simple lines. It’s one of the best ways to make a deck appear uniform and draw more attention to the beautiful color and grain of the wood. Single-width layouts are among the most popular for decks, and many homeowners love the classy touch they bring to their property. Note that maintaining long, uncut boards can be challenging, making this layout more difficult to use for larger deck spaces.

Diagonal Pattern

The diagonal pattern is also a classic Brazilian hardwood decking layout idea, and it’s beloved by many homeowners because it adds visual interest to an outdoor space. Diagonal decking draws the eye and makes the rich hues of the boards stand out. This pattern also creates an optical effect, making the outdoor area appear larger. While the design is not too complex, it can still make your space look unique.

Herringbone Pattern

The Herringbone pattern is an excellent choice for homeowners who want to add elegance and intrigue to their outdoor entertainment area. Installers lay several shorter boards at 45-degree angles from each other to create interconnecting arrows converging in different directions.

This pattern emphasizes straight lines and rectangular shapes of the objects on your deck, such as furniture. With the intricate details and upscaling charm of the Herringbone pattern, gathering outside has never been more glamourous!

Inlay Decking Pattern

Consider incorporating an inlay decking pattern into your Brazilian hardwood deck. This involves using different colored or shaped wood boards to create a contrasting or complementary pattern within the major boards. You might add circular or rectangular shapes alongside the other materials. It’s a perfect way to add personality and charm to your outdoor space while showcasing the beauty of Brazilian hardwood.

Incorporating a unique design into your deck is the perfect way to make it stand out. Each of these designs will add to your home’s aesthetic appeal and create a one-of-a-kind outdoor experience. Best of all, they’re compatible with any type of Brazilian hardwood, from the Cumaru wood decking we have in stock to other gorgeous species. You have the freedom to style your deck in any way you choose!