The Dos and Don’ts of Deck Building With Cumaru Hardwood

The Dos and Don’ts of Deck Building With Cumaru Hardwood

If you're considering building a deck with Cumaru hardwood, then you’ve made an excellent choice. Cumaru decking comes in many beautiful colors, making it one of the most popular hardwoods for decking. It’s also extremely durable and resistant to wear. However, if you want to get the most out of this wood, you should know the dos and don’ts of deck building with Cumaru. We'll discuss everything you need to know about building with this hardwood.

Do Acclimate the Wood

Cumaru hardwood decking is dense, which makes it less susceptible to warping or splitting. However, you need to acclimate the wood before installation. This process allows the wood to adjust to the humidity conditions of your area. Acclimating the wood prevents problems, like cupping or cracking from the expansion and contraction of the wood, during moisture fluctuations.

Don’t Install Wet Wood

Though Cumaru resists moisture, you should never install it wet. Doing so can lead to cupping, warping, and twisting. Make sure the wood is dry before starting your decking project. If you store Cumaru correctly, it will be dry enough to install because the wood is kiln dried. You can only start the installation process if the wood has the right moisture content as recommended by the supplier.

Do Use Stainless Steel Screws

Because Cumaru hardwood is dense, you’ll need to secure the boards with strong, corrosion-resistant screws. Stainless steel screws are the best choice for installing Cumaru decking because they keep the boards in place and complement the wood. Since they’re resistant to rust, you won’t need to replace them as often as standard screws or nails. Always predrill your wood for the stainless steel screws.

Don’t Forget To Prepare Your Land

Before starting the installation process, prepare your land for the construction. Make sure the ground is level and free from debris or vegetation that can cause unevenness in your deck. You should also lay a foundation to support the weight of the boards and provide stability while you work. Cumaru needs to be installed at least 18” off of the ground.

Do Clean and Seal Your Deck

Cleaning and sealing your Cumaru hardwood decking will extend its lifespan and keep it looking beautiful for years. Cleaning your deck once a year will eliminate dirt, stains, and mold (depending on your climate). Oiling your wood protects it from turning gray from constant sun exposure.

Building a Cumaru hardwood deck is a great decision that can create a beautiful outdoor space. Be sure to follow these dos and don’ts of deck building with Cumaru hardwood. At Finest Brazilian Decking, we pride ourselves on distributing only the highest quality Cumaru hardwood decking for your project. Sustainably sourced and handled with care, our planks will arrive at your site ready to install (once acclimated) for building. Browse our site today to learn more about beautiful Brazilian hardwood.