Joist Tape from DeckWise

In Stock---Post and Ledger Tape


Use for Joists - Posts - Ledger Boards - Cut Ends and more!

DeckWise® Joist Tape™ is a malleable polyethylene waterproof wood flashing that uses a rubberized asphalt mastic adhesive which makes applying it to your joists, posts and ledger boards easy. It creates a waterproof seal that helps to prevent rot and decay to your pressure treated boards.

Moisture trapped on your treated wood framing is what causes wood rot and our new Joist Tape™ will help prevent this from happening. Decay can also occur when your deck screws penetrate your joists and tape will form a seal around your decking screws which will also help prevent water or moisture from getting into your joists.

3" X 75' Roll - $31.88 per roll


Joist Barrier--After cutting your tape to the proper length for your joist, apply tape centered over the joist and wrap around the edges. Press firmly and for additional adhesion roll with a hand roller.

Protecting your posts for your new deck--DeckWise Joist Tape should be applied at the ground level with 2-3 inches extending above the ground. Place your post in the hole and make a mark at ground level. To determine the lengths of tape you will need, without removing the white backing, wrap the tape around your post making sure to leave a 1" overlap. Cut your tape to the correct length. Remove the backing as your wrapping it around your post, press firmly in place as your go. Once done, go over the tape with a small hand roller. For additional added protection, you can caulk the top edge of the joist barrier tape.

Corrosion Blocker--if you apply DeckWise® Joist Tape™ between ACQ, CA-B or ACZA treated lumber and metal surfaces (such as aluminum or galvanized metal), it creates a barrier that will prevent corrosion of the metal surface by preventing contact with the chemicals in the treated lumber.

Prevent weather:moisture damage.jpg

Prevent weather/moisture damage

Joists after weather:moisture damage.jpg

Joists after weather/moisture damage


Product Tips and Warnings

Make sure to apply to a clean, dry surface when temperatures are above 40°.

If your working conditions do not allow for suitable adhesion, your tape can be attached using staples or nails. You can also use a construction grade spray adhesive.

JoistTape™ is intended to be shielded by either decking board or siding and should not be exposed to direct sunlight for more than 90 days.

Even though it has a slip-resistant surface, it could possibly be slick under certain conditions. Please use extreme caution when walking or standing on joists that have had the tape installed.