Headcote® Screws & Smart Bit Tool


Headcote Screws

Headcote 305 Screws are designed to meet the highest standards for performance, ease of use and value.

Headcote Grade 305 stainless steel provides superior protection against staining and corrosion and is the recommended deck fastener for all types of decking materials. #8 X 2 1/2".

Tip: For Marine Environments and Garapa Hardwood--Headcote 316 SS are available and recommended.

Available in 350, and 1,750 pcs. sets. The 1,750 pc. set includes 1 Smart Bit Tool.

Color Matches:

Ipe and Cumaru - #34 Brown

Garapa - #79 Light Cedar with 316 SS Screws

Tigerwood and Jatoba - #81 Cedar

Massaranduba and Abaco - #82 Mahogany

Tip: If your joists are 16" on center:

  • 100 pc Sale $35.12
  • 350 pc. will cover 100 sq.ft. 305 SS Sale $70.95 ea. 316SS $86.95 ea.
  • 1,050 pc. will cover 300 sq. ft. 305 SS Sale $190.95 ea. 316SS $236.95 ea.
  • 1,750 pc. will cover 500 sq. ft. 305SS Sale $310.95 ea. 316SS $389.95 ea.

ACQ-Rated Approved for use with ACQ treated lumber.

All available colors:



Smart Bit Tool for Headcote Screws

Tool: Reg. $16.49 5 Extra Bits $13.75

This tool is great! It not only pre-drills for your screws but for the head of the screw as well and has a stop on it for the perfect depth every time!

Decks have gone from being part of the backyard to part of a home's primary outdoor living space. Hardwoods have become the most popular choice for decking among homeowners. Stainless steel deck screws, long recognized as the fastener of choice for high-end decks, have also witnessed expanded use.

Stainless steel, however, is softer than hardened steel and often requires pre-drilling as does your Brazilian Wood. In the past, pre-drilling was time consuming and laborious. Not anymore! With the Smart-Bit, pre-drilling and countersinking can be done in one step. Smart-Bits Powerbolic drill bits with special fluting cut through decking more than twice as fast as standard wood bits. Plus, the bits are replaceable.

Each tool will pre-drill and countersink for approximately 400 holes.

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The all new Smart-Bit Deck Screw Depth Setter

$18.50 each

This new tool from Starborn is fantastic! It stops your screw at the perfect depth every time! Just set the depth to your specific project and you're good to go!


Smart-Bit® Deck Screw Depth Setter works with standard size one inch bits in Torx® and Phillips® and can be used on any screw that fits those bits.