Fortress Al13 Aluminum Railing

Fortress Al13 Aluminum Railing Panels


Fortress Al 13 Aluminum Railing is ideal for a variety of environments and are the first-of-its-kind fully pre-welded aluminum system. Customize the Fortress Al13 Aluminum Railing System with Accent Top Rails and Accent Top Panels. Easily install panels using the streamlined Phantom Bracket.

All prices on this page are for your choice of either black or white railings.

Fortress Traditional Panel.jpg

Fortress Traditional Panel

Fortress Al13 Traditional Aluminum Railing Panels are available in heights of 34" and 40" in length of 69" and 93".

Panel Sizes.jpg

Panel Sizes

Fortress Al13 Traditional Aluminum Railing Panels are offered in the standard Gloss Black, White or Black Sand finish. Pricing on this page is for Black Gloss or White, please contact us for a free quote for the Black Sand Color.


  • 34" X 8' Al 13 Welded Aluminum Panel


  • 34" X 6' Al 13 Welded Aluminum Panel

Traditional Panel - Adjustable.jpg

Traditional Panel - Adjustable

Fortress Al13 Traditional Adjustable Aluminum Railing Panels are available in 34" and 40" heights and are 90.5" in length.

Stair Panel Size.jpg

Stair Panel Size

They are perfect for stair or ramp applications with maximum adjustability up to 40 degrees. Fortress Al13 Traditional Adjustable Aluminum Railing Panels are offered in the standard Gloss Black and White finish.


  • 34" X 6' Al 13 Adjustable Stair Rake Panel

Accent Top Rail and Top Panels.jpg

Accent Top Rail and Top Panels

Colonial Flat Accent Top Rail

The Colonial Accent Top Rail is a subtle way to bring an architectural design element to dress up the top rail of the Fortress Al13 Panel.

Accent Top Panels

Accent Top Panels are a fantastic way to accessorize the Fortress Al13 Panel. Choose from the Ring Top or 3 Rail Accent Top Panel for a customized look.


  • AL-13 Colonial Flat Top Rail


  • AL-13 Ring Top


  • AL-13 Circle Top


  • AL-13 Rail Accent Top


Aluminum Gates are perfect if you need to close you deck opening for any reason.

Gate Uprights allow you to turn any panel into a gate if you need a wider gate than 34.5".


Gate Kits allow you to easily fasten your gate to the opening in your deck railing.

Cap Rail Clip.jpg

Cap Rail Clip

Connects Top Rail to Panel

This creates the perfect flat surface for anything from leaning to enjoying the scenery to the perfect place to set down a drink.

Cap Rail Clip2.jpg

Cap Rail Clip

Cap Rail Clip conveniently allows for a clean and smooth attachment of wood or composite rail to the top of a Fortress Al13 Panel.


  • AL-13 Cap Rail Clips
  • Set of 4

Phantom Bracket Straight.jpg

Phantom Bracket - Straight

The streamlined Phantom Bracket is designed for easy installation with its screws set to install at an angle.

Phantom Bracket Stair and Miter.jpg

Phantom Bracket - Stair and Miter

Its drop-in locking feature with integrated template makes Fortress Al13 installation quick and simple.


  • AL 13 Phantom Bracket
  • Set of 4.


  • AL 13 Phantom Bracket for Stairs
  • Set of 4.

Aluminum Posts.jpg

Aluminum Posts

3"x3" Aluminum Posts are available in a variety of heights of 39.5" and 45.5" with 5.75" base.

Aluminum Posts2.jpg

Al13 Posts do not come with a nylon post cap

Choose between Ball Caps, Flat Pyramid Caps or Fortress Accents Post Caps for an array of different looks.

See below for options.


  • 3" X 39.5" Aluminum Post with 5.75" Base

Post Base Covers.jpg

Post Base Covers

Post Base Covers conceal the 5.75" base of the post, giving the post a clean and finished look.

Post Base Covers2.jpg

Give your post a finished look

Post Base Covers are sold assembled for quick and easy new installation and set screws allow for retrofitting existing posts.


  • 2 Piece Post Base Cover for 5.75" Base

Ball Post Cap.jpg

Ball Post Cap

Gives the top of your post a noticeable finished look.

Pyramid Post Cap.jpg

Pyramid Post Cap

Gives your post a clean finished look.

Aluminum Rail Support Block.jpg

Aluminum Rail Support Block

Use this Rail Support for extra support under your railing panels.


  • AL-13 Ball Cap
  • Pyramid Post Cap
  • Rail Support Block

Hand Rail and Components.jpg

Hand Rail and Components

Hand rails are an important part of making your ramp or stairs Safe for those who need assistance. Fortress Hand Rail System includes a straight portion used as the hand rail, hand rail plug for hand rail extension, hand rail bracket for easy installation as well as a hand rail return to meet your local code.

Round  Handrail.jpg

Round Handrail

Round Handrail Splice.jpg

Round Handrail Splice

Round Handrail Return.jpg

Round Handrail Return

Round Handrail Angle Adjuster.jpg

Round Handrail Angle Adjuster

Round Handrail Large Return.jpg

Round Handrail Large Return

Round Handrail Bracket.jpg

Round Handrail Bracket

Round Handrail Cap Plug.jpg

Round Handrail Cap Plug