Grad Concept USA™

The system is a reliable and a powerful method that is both quick to use and has a simple to understand installation process. It is strong and makes building decks easy with the perfect finish. There are no screws needed for the decking (screws are needed to fasten the track to your joists), the equipment is snapped together and there are solutions for every situation. The Grad™ System is perfect for your next decking or siding project.

Milling profile available now for Kebony. Available in January: Ipe, Garapa, Kebony and Thermory.

Unique Features - Siding:

Grad™ chooses only quality products with unique technical solutions for an optimal, comfortable and lasting result!

  • 100% hidden fastening system for the smoothest surface finish.
  • Effortless installation: just snap the surface material onto the clips.
  • No individual clip to screw: save on both installation time and labor costs.
  • Remove, update, replace boards and pavers at will.
  • Best for green building projects.
  • 30-year Warranty - Warranty is on the track system (not the boards).

Grad™ for Decking and Rooftop - Invisible Grad Clip:

  • Use over joists or directly onto hard surfaces.
  • Use with or without pedestals.
  • Over 20 types of surface materials allowed.

The Grad system lets you easily use all the same size deck boards or use different width deck boards for a unique look for your new deck!

Grad System with Boards.jpg

Grad System.jpg

How does Grad™ work?

  • Always refer to our latest installation guide for instructions.
  • Rails can be fastened over your house wrap or on battens.
  • Can be installed either Horizontal for vertical cladding or Vertical for horizontal cladding.
  • Follow board manufacturer recommendations for rail spans.
  • For use with specially Grad™ grooved boards. (We custom mill our wood for the Grad™ System).
  • The boards snap on top of the clips.
  • Relax and Enjoy your result!
Grad Decking.jpg
Grad Pic.jpg

Grad™ Rooftop Decks - Our solution:

  • Save up to 50% on installation time with fewer people needed for installation.
  • TPO-friendly.
  • Access the TPO at all times.
  • D635 and D1929 fire-tested pedestals.
  • Installation is easy and fast.
  • Hidden fasteners all around for a clean look.
  • Boards are straight and gaps are even in a snap.
  • Boards can be removed, replaced and updated if needed.

How does it work? What you need to know:

  • Rails are snapped over pedestals
  • Follow board manufacturer recommendations for rail spans
  • Use specially Grad-grooved boards only from our partners
  • Snap the boards on top of the clips
  • Enjoy the results!
Grad Rooftop Decking.jpg

Grad™ for Kebony®

GFK Solutions - Strength and Performance all in one system:

  • 6ft Mini Rails c/w pre-fastened clips.
  • Save up to 50% on installation time with fewer people needed for install.
  • Installation is easy and fast.
  • 100% hidden fastener solution.
  • Boards are straight and gaps are even in a snap.
  • Creates a perfect rainscreen systems that allow constant air flow.
  • Kebony­­ is an Environmentally-friendly modified wood.
  • Strong resistance to warping and cupping
  • Kebony­ is the perfect choice to earn LEED points.
Grad for Kebony.jpg