We ship from one of our many warehouses around the country directly to your home or job site anywhere in the continental U.S. We also deliver to shipyards for overseas projects.

Lumber is graded using the American Lumber Standards, which are based on the structural integrity of a board. These grades take into account the size and location of defects, as well as the slope of grain, in order to predict the load-bearing capacity of the board. These factors are used to determine the percentage of clear wood in the board that, in turn, determines the grade. The most common grades and their clear-wood requirements are as follows:

  • "Select" = at least 80% clear wood (we call our "Select" - Premium Grade). Our Premium Grade averages 90% clear.

See individual drop down tabs for information and pricing on each species or click on links below.

Ipe Pic.jpg

Ipé is an exotic Brazilian Hardwood that makes not only a beautiful deck for you and your family to enjoy but is low maintenance and long lasting as well.

Ipé consists of dark brown tones. When the sun hits it you might even see a reddish or greenish tint. Ipé is know as Brazilian Walnut.

All Ipe in Stock including 1X6 and 8X8!

  • Kiln dried Ipe is here!
  • 1X4, 1X6 and 5/4X6
  • Custom milling is available

Sucupira Deck.jpg

Sucupira, also known as Brazilian Chestnut, Sugar Wood, Tatabu or Tiete Chestnut is a hardwood that is great for your next outdoor deck project. It's beautiful rich color tones typically consist of darker brown, light brown and some golden yellow hues, which gives it a look like no other. Its warm tones create a natural look to both your residential outdoor living space or to a commercial deck project.

Combining rich tones with affordable pricing makes this the perfect wood choice for your new project!

Pucte Deck Pic Mark.jpg

Pucte (also known as Mexican Ipe, Caribbean Walnut or Bucida Buceras) is great for decking and at a great price. Pucte is similar in color to Ipe (and you can use a Walnut Tint UV Oil to make it even darker if preferred).

Pucte wood is kiln dried and is extremely hard, dense and very durable which makes it the perfect choice for your next outdoor deck. It is a great choice for both outdoor decks or interior applications and it will look beautiful years to come. It offers a resistance of 3,300 pounds per square inch, making it perfect for your next outdoor deck design. Pucte has a Janka Scale Hardness of 1,970.

Monkey Pod Deck - Jim 2.jpg

Monkey Pod Porch Flooring and Decking is not only beautiful but durable for your new outdoor deck or porch and has a 50+ year life span. It is an absolutely beautiful wood.

Teak Deck Picture.jpg

Genuine Premium Teak Decking Plantation Grown - Tectona Grandis Teak.

Teak has been used for years and years in the boating industry. It is a naturally hard dense wood and great for outdoor use. Our Teak is kiln dried and perfect for your next deck project! Teak has a 50+ year life span.

Our Teak will span up to 16" on center joist spacing.



Tigerwood is the most exotic of the Brazilian Hardwoods that we carry. It is a beautiful reddish brown color with prominent darker stripes running through some of the boards.

The darker color in the Tigerwood matches Ipé beautifully so you have endless possibilities such as an Ipé border and handrails to compliment your Tigerwood.



Garapa is a beautiful Honey Gold color which makes it lighter in color and less expensive alternative to Ipé.

If you are planning to let your deck turn gray over time, Garapa is the perfect choice due to its price. All of the Brazilian hardwoods look very similar once they have grayed.



Massaranduba is a beautiful Brazilian Hardwood that is darker in color like Ipé but has a reddish cast. It is know as Brazilian Redwood.

If you have a home with deep dark tones, brick or reddish trim then Massaranduba is the wood for you!



Cumaru is a beautiful Brazilian hardwood and is wonderful for your new deck if you are planning to use either face screws or a plug system.

Cumaru is almost 3 times harder than Oak with an approximate 80 year life expectancy and is naturally resistant to insects, mold and mildew. Cumaru is know as Brazilian Teak.

Home-DassoXTR Fused Bamboo Decking.jpg

DassoXTR Fused Bamboo Decking

Fused Bamboo decking is not only sustainable but durable, beautiful, low maintenance and comes with a warranty. We have seen this decking and the pictures do not do it justice, it is absolutely gorgeous!

Home- Western Red Cedar.jpg

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar decking has natural performance characteristics, a unique look and makes an exceptionally beautiful deck which brings both warmth and character to your deck.

2" X 6" X 8' Decking Boards - Please call for pricing.

Home- Cypress.jpg


Cypress is more stable than a pine product; it simply won’t try to twist or move the same way pine will over time. Cypress utilizes an MCQ, Micronized Copper Quaternary, treatment to protect it against the elements for a longer life span.

1" X 6" X 8' Decking - Please call for pricing.

Home- Synergy Pre-finished Cypress.jpg

Synergy Pre-finished Cypress

This is a great product and has a unique finish on it. Easy installation and exceptional beauty are what makes Synergy Pre-finished Cypress perfect for your next project. They include pre-finished tongue and groove lumber with a unique end-match design. All of this wood are available with matching trim as well as crown and base moldings to complete your project.

Please call or email us for your free sample today. The finish is absolutely beautiful. Seeing it is a must!