Batu - (Red Balau)

We ship from one of our many warehouses around the country directly to your home or job site anywhere in the continental U.S. (or to the U.S. shipyard of your choice). Now IN STOCK on the East Coast and in OR (for deliveries in the Mid-West and West Coast).

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Batu Siding with Walnut ExoSheild:

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If you are looking for a rich warm look, Batu is the wood for you. Batu is also know as Red Balau and has beautiful red tones which gives this wood its own unique appeal. It's tight grain pattern (shown below) gives each board an elegant, refined look.

All of our Batu is All Heart-S4S and E4E. Kiln Dried, Class A Fire Rated and 50+ year life expectancy.

Special - 1X6X6' Batu - Premium Grade - Kiln Dried $2.39 l.f.

While supplies last - 6,000 pcs. available.

1X4 = $2.45 l.f.

1X6 = $3.35 l.f. - Any Profile (S4S, Grooved, T&G, RainScreen Siding) - IN STOCK

On SALE: Limited 1X6 Batu $2.86 - Please ask for details on this special. Premium Grade but variations in color.

Truckload Special - 21,053 l.f. $2.39 l.f. fob Portland, OR

5/4X4 = $3.20 l.f.

5/4X6 = $4.19 l.f. in stock

Please contact us for availability on dimensional lumber:

2X2 = $2.40 l.f.

2X4 = $4.70 l.f.

2X6 = $6.95 l.f.

2X12 = $11.00 l.f.

4X4 = $8.50 l.f. - Please call for availability.

  • For 1X8 or Other Sizes - call or email for availability and pricing.
  • Batu Decking can be pre-finished with ExoSheild.
  • 1,000 s.f. minimum - Please ask for details.

Rod provided us with this picture of his Gorgeous 1949 GMC Truck. Not only is the truck beautiful but so is the Batu Hardwood that he used for the bed.

Rod's Truck Front.jpg
Rod's Truck Back.jpg

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