We ship Massaranduba hardwood decking from the closest warehouse to you, directly to your home or job site, anywhere in the continental U.S. We also deliver to shipyards in the U.S. for overseas projects.


Massaranduba, also known as Brazilian Redwood, decking is true to its name and deep red in color. As such, it’s perfect for homes with deep and dark tones and brick or reddish trim.

Kiln-dried Massaranduba decking is the perfect solution for exotic wood decks due to its beauty, hardness and durability. Massaranduba naturally resists rot, decay and termites, and is highly resistant to splintering, twisting or cracking. Because Massaranduba decking is all natural, it does not need to be chemically treated.

Due to Massaranduba's rich reddish tones, it also blends very well with Ipe to give your outdoor space a one of a kind luxurious two tone look.

Tips: Always use carbide tip tools (drill bits and saw blades). Always pre-drill your Massaranduba hardwood decking before installing any fasteners.

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  • You can specify the Massaranduba wood decking lengths that you need as long as they are not all 16' !!!
  • (If you do need all 16' lengths, it will have to be approved by our warehouse).

1X6 Decking = 8'-20' $5.50 l.f. - In Stock

For specific lengths, please call.

  • 5/4X6 Decking = 8'-20' $6.70 - In Stock
  • Please add .40 l.f. for grooved boards and .50 l.f. for T&G boards.
  • For specific lengths, please call.

Handrail 5/4X6 = $7.95 l.f. Please call for availability.

Subrail 1X4 = $3.00 l.f. Please call for availability.

Please call for the availability of other sizes.

Massaranduba Decking.jpg