South Pacific Redwood

1X4 and 1X6 and 5/4X6- In Stock Now!


South Pacific Redwood Decking Is Durable Without Compromising it's Beautiful Reddish-Brown Color:

South Pacific Redwood (also known as Torem or bullet wood) is a gorgeous brown to reddish-brown hardwood that is extremely strong and is a cousin to Massaranduba. This strength allows our South Pacific Redwood to be highly durable under a wide array of conditions. The genus that South Pacific Redwood is a part of can be found all over the world with high volumes in both the tropical Americas and tropical Africa. This particular species is primarily located in south east Asia.

Our decking is available in 1x4, 1x6 and 5/4x6 S4S and E4E.

Strength and Durability, South Pacific Redwood is a Top Choice:

South Pacific Redwood is in a class of its own. With extreme durability and a beautiful visual aesthetic this tropical hardwood is one of the top choices for your deck. With a 25 year warranty and a life expectancy of 50+ years on above ground decks, South Pacific Redwood is suitable for all outdoor applications. Our decking is kiln-dried to minimize shrinkage and warping after installation.South Pacific Redwood will readily accept oil based uv stains to help protect the color of your deck.

Durable, Sustainable and Certified

South Pacific Redwood is in the same durability class as Ipe, making it a great alternative. Our stock of Manilkara is Lacey Act approved and comes with a V-Legal Document license which is at the heart of Indonesia's timber legality verification system.

Our products meet social, economic and ecological needs which are necessary to sustain the planet for present and future generations to come. For low-maintenance, durability and incredible beauty, choose a high quality and sustainable natural material (South Pacific Redwood) that allows you to avoid the shortcomings that composite and softwood decking can have.

1X4 -- 368 - 8' Only Available' $2.65 l.f.

1X6 -- 8' - 16' $3.55 l.f.

5/4X6 -- 8' - 20' $4.15 l.f.

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The warehouse warranty specifically recommends pre-finishing on all sides prior to installation whether not if you plan to allow the wood to gray. It allows the wood to more slowly adjust to the local temperature. It also protects the bottom sides of the boards from moisture raising from the ground, which is what causes cupping.