Premium Brazilian Tigerwood Decking & Siding **ALL TIGERWOOD IN STOCK NOW**

Tigerwood Deck in Florida

The first picture is oiled. Posts are going to be oiled with ExoSheild Platinum Oil (gray tint) to match the trim on the pool.

The second picture does not have any oil yet but shows some of the Tigerwood used vertically for fascia.

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This Tigerwood Deck is over 20 years old and is absolutely beautiful. It is in Idaho and was installed with Black Talon Hidden Fasteners.


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Brazilian Tiger is an extremely rich, beautiful hardwood with a reddish hue. Our Tigerwood hardwood decking and lumber -some boards may have a prominent darker grain pattern which gives it a unique, exotic and exclusive look like no other.

Please remember that this is natural wood so each board is different-giving your deck a one of a kind, gorgeous look and it has a 50+ year life span!

**Please keep in mind that not all of our Brazilian Tigerwood decking boards have the darker grain "striping". Of course when you see the pictures online, they are going to show you the ones with the most striping. This is an all natural wood and the striping is up to Mother Nature! As long as you lay out your deck and space apart the ones with the heavy gaining, you will have a beautiful Brazilian Tigerwood Deck. See below.............

Tigerwood hardwood decking is gorgeous and some boards do have the darker graining, but not all boards have it.

Now available in decking and railing material--see sizes and pricing below!

Tips: 1. Always use carbide tip tools (drill bits and saw blades). Always pre-drill your Tigerwood before installing any fasteners into your Tigerwood boards. 2. Lay out your Tigerwood boards before installing to ensure that you do not install of the prominent grain boards together, stagger them for a more unified look.

All Tigerwood decking for sale is sourced from sustainable suppliers and is not an endangered species.

We are excited to announce that we now have Tigerwood in both decking and dimensional lumber. Please call for pricing and availability.

  • 1X6 = $3.98 l.f. - In Stock
  • 8' - 20' S4S Add .40 l.f. for grooved
  • 5/4X6 = $4.93 l.f. - In Stock
  • 8' - 20' S4S Add .40 l.f. for grooved
  • 5/4X4 = In Stock
  • 2X2-Balusters = In Stock
  • 3', 4', 8' - 10'
  • 5/4X2--Balusters = In Stock
  • 2X4 = $5.32 l.f. = In Stock
  • 3', 4', 6' - 12'
  • 2X6 = $7.85 l.f. = In Stock
  • 6' - 16'

4X4 = $13.50 l.f. = In Stock

  • 4' - 16'
  • 5/4X8 = $9.30 l.f. = In Stock
  • 6' - 20'
  • 5/4X10 = $10.80 l.f. = In Stock
  • 6' - 20'
  • 5/4X12 = $12.95 l.f. = In Stock
  • 6' - 20'



New Tigerwood Post Caps!

For 4X4 Posts - Sale - $24.50 ea.

Decorate your Tigerwood Posts with our new Tigerwood Post Caps for a beautiful finishing touch.


Tigerwood Siding - Available in both Ship Lap and RainScreen Siding Patterns.

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