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Kebony modified wood products are designed not only to outlast and outperform traditional softwoods but also provides a sustainable alternative for your deck. The Kebony process is 100% eco-friendly and food safe, which gives you the beauty of real wood while protecting the environment.

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Kebony Decking

Kebony Decking Grooved Both Sides

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Kebony Decking Grooved One Side Only for Edges of Deck, Steps, etc.

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Step Clips for Kebony

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Step-Clip™ for Kebony

Step-Clip™ for Kebony uses an easy to install strip to minimize both time and labor fastening your deck. The Step-Clip reduces deck installation time by up to 50% and ensures proper spacing every time, plus it protects the joist from water damage, and makes it easy to replace a board in the future if needed.


  • Fastest of the four installation options.
  • Step-Clip™ strip doubles as joist protection against rot and decay.
  • Automatically does spacing for consistent deck board spacing.
  • Easy board replacement if needed.

Fastenator Hidden Fasteners for Kebony

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Fastenator™ Hidden Fasteners

Hidden fastening clips are a great way to secure your deck without screwing into the board’s face for a clean modern look. Our Kebony Deck Board is compatible with the Fastenator™ Hidden Fastening system by DuraLife®.


  • Automatically spaces your deck boards
  • .Works great with diagonal and herringbone deck patterns.
  • Ideal for resurfacing older decks and/or out of square framed decks.
  • Stainless steel screws are pre-loaded in clip for quick and easy fastening every time.

Pro Plug System for Kebony

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Starborn Pro Plug® System for Kebony

If you prefer the durability of face screwing and still want a smooth, uniform surface, the Pro Plug® System with Kebony wood plugs is your best option. The Pro Plug® System by Starborn® is the fastest/best plug system on the market today. Kebony wood plugs are designed to work seamlessly with their system.


  • Hidden fasteners with the strength of face fastening.
  • Plugs are made from actual Kebony face grain, so they perfectly match your surface
  • Starborn's Patented Pro Plug® Tool both pre-dills and countersinks simultaneously for a perfect fit and has a stop on it so it stops at the perfect depth every time.
  • Kebony Kits include screws, plugs, glue nozzle and drill bit (Pro Plug® Tool and exterior glue sold separately).

SS Face Screws

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Face Screwed

When securing your decking using a traditional method, you can use Stainless Steel screws through the face of our Kebony Deck Board. We recommend placing the screws 1” from the edge of the board.


  • Ensures to secure your board to your joist.


  • ALWAYS Pre-drill holes prior to fastening, this will avoid stress cracks down the road.
  • Always use Stainless Steel Screws.
  • Keep screws at least 1″ from the end and edges of the boards.
  • Make sure your screws are flush with top of the deck board to maintain a smooth and safe surface to avoid a tripping hazard.

Kebony Specification Sheet

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Kebony Boardwalk and Dock Boards

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Boardwalk Decking

A natural alternative for docks, pedestrian bridges, and other commercial applications.

Kebony Clear is perfect for high traffic areas such as boardwalks and docks. With a larger available dimension which enhanced its stability, choosing Kebony will ensure that your project withstands heavy use for years to come; while maintaining strength and beauty as it patinas to a silver-gray over time. Kebony’s boardwalk product is great for award-winning outdoor spaces across the country, including The Wharf in Washington D.C., and New York City’s Hunter’s Point South and Pier 26.

Kebony Click and Clad Siding

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Formerly called Grad for Kebony the Click-in Cladding™ System combines both Kebony’s long-lasting wood cladding with the Grad® Mini Rail for a faster and more precise install without the hassles and uncertainty of traditional hidden fastening options.

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Kebony RainScreen Siding

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Go with the air flow.

The Passive Rainscreen System (PRS) goes beyond any traditional rainscreen to deliver maximum performance while being aesthetically pleasing. A combination of marine grade aluminum clips and perfectly matched Kebony Clear cladding, the PRS replaces common wood furring strips to create passive air flow between the cladding and sheathing. Its unique cladding profile creates a gap while providing increased protection from the elements, leading to a longer-lasting project all while hiding the fastener from view.

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Kebony Character Cladding

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Naturally knotty by mother nature, strength and stability by design.

The knotty grain of Kebony Character cladding gives your project a rustic look and feel at a value-conscious price. Kebony character goes through the same modification process and comes with the same 30-year warranty as Kebony Clear.

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Kebony Character 70 Degree Rhombus.jpg
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Kebony Clear - Grade.jpg

Kebony Clear is a clean, sophisticated wood with a subtle grain pattern and free of knots. It provides an effortless beauty to any application. Like all Kebony products, Kebony Clear has a deep brown color that over time will turn to a silvery-gray patina. Produced from FSC®-certified Pinus Radiata, it stands as a top-rated choice for and environmentally friendly product.

Clear products are modified throughout the entire board and can be milled/machined like any hardwood.

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Kebony technology was developed in Norway and serves the industry as an environmentally friendly, patented process that enhances the properties of environmentally friendly, sustainable softwood. Kebony is a low-maintenance wood that does not require any additional treatment (beyond normal cleaning), which leaves you more time to unwind and enjoy the beauty of the your new deck.

Character products should not be further milled/machined, or split, as untreated heartwood will be exposed. However, they can be cross-cut to the lengths you need. After cross-cutting, the exposed ends should be treated with a wood preservative to ensure proper protection from the elements.

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All Kebony woods have deep brown tones that will turn to a silvery-gray patina over time. The speed of this graying process depends on your environment (the intensity of exposure to the environmental such as the sun and rain combined with your application).

Kebony is a highly durable, sustainable wood. It requires minimal maintenance while providing a low life-cycle cost and the peace of mind of our 30-year warranty.



Please note that Section 4 below requires that all disputes between you and Kebony be resolved by binding confidential arbitration on an individual, non-class action basis, rather than a court proceeding. Please review Section 4 carefully to understand your rights.

1. Products Covered and Duration of Warranty

1.1 This Limited Warranty applies in the United States to all Kebony products (the “Product” or “Products”) manufactured or distributed by Kebony Norge AS (“Kebony”) for use in residential and commercial settings. A Product or the Products is/are defined as any of the following: Kebony Character and Kebony Clear modified wood products. A full description of each product to which this Limited Warranty applies can be found

1.2 Kebony provides this Limited Warranty to you, the purchaser as either a “residential purchaser” or a “commercial purchaser” of Kebony Products (“You,” “Your” or the “Purchaser”). The rights and coverage You receive may vary based on purchaser type; however, Kebony will specify where that is the case in this Limited Warranty.

1.2.1 For the purposes of this Limited Warranty, a “residential purchaser” shall refer to an individual

Any and all warranties come from the Manufacturer, not Finest Brazilian Decking.

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