Monkey Pod Interior Flooring

This is a Truly Exotic Hardwood In Stock Now!!!

This is Beautiful, Exotic Flooring!!! Kiln dried to an average of 8% so it is great for interior floors, walls and ceilings.

1X6 Flooring - $6.50 s.f.

Monkey Pod Flooring 3.jpg
Monkey Pod Flooring.jpg
Monkey Pod Flooring 2.jpg

Monkey Pod makes not only beautiful flooring for your home but is durable too. It has been used to make canoes for years and you can now bring this exotic look to your home!

Call Finest Brazilian Decking for exotic Monkey Pod Decking- along with other Exotic Species, Fasteners, Accessories, Lighting, Railings and much, much more for your new outdoor deck or living space.

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