Sales and Clearance items:

Check out our sales and clearance items below. These are overstock and sale items and are premium grade (unless otherwise stated).

TigerDeck® Tigerwood 1X6 Reversible Porch Panel 5 1/8" Face

$2.15 l.f.

6,000 l.f. available in North Carolina

Tigerwood Deck Tiles 24" X 24" - $25.00 each.


5/4X6 Cambara

Kiln Dried - Premium Grade - S4S and E4E

20,608 l.f. Available - Available by the pallet in NJ - please call for available pallet sizes.

$2.50 l.f. (2,000 l.f. + discounts apply)

Red Balau (Batu) 1X4

Kiln Dried, Premium Grade, S4S and E4E

Available by the pallet in NJ- please call for available pallet sizes.

$2.50 l.f. (2,000 l.f. + discounts apply)

Premium Grade Ipe S4S, E4E

  • 5/4X6X8'
  • Overstock Sale
  • $4.25 l.f.
  • (grooved add .40 l.f.)
  • over 3,500 pcs. available.
  • Volume quote discounts available.

Ipe Clip Extreme Five Gallon Contractor Bucket - Brown Clips

  • 1,050 - Hidden Deck Fasteners
  • 1,130 - SS Screws
  • 5 - T15 Star Drive Tips
  • 5 - 1/8" High Speed Drill Bits

Bucket has been opened but all clips bags are still sealed and all contents are there (customer wanted a different color).

Special $625.00 plus shipping.


Genuine Honduran Big Leaf Mahogany

4X4 Posts - 4-3', 1-5' and 7-6' $5.98 l.f.

Available in OR or shipped directly to you.


Fortress Grab Rail $355.50 plus Shipping - New

This is brand new handrail that didn't work for their project, so they are looking to sell it at a reduced price.

  • 3 Fortress 8' Round Handrail F50500938
  • 4 Fortress Splices F50500048
  • 2 Fortress Brackets - 2 Pc. F50500018
  • 1 Fortress End Caps - 2 Pc. F50500038
  • 2 Fortress Round Handrail 90 degree Return F50500028
  • 1 Fortress Connection Apoxy F660972

All Black Sand in Color.

Call us today for specials on exotic Brazilian Hardwoods (such as Ipe or Tigerwood), North American Cedar/Cypress, accessories (such as fasteners and finishers), Railings (such as Cable Rail and Fortress Railing) and much more for your new deck or outdoor living space.