Teak Decking

Genuine Premium Teak Decking Plantation Grown - Tectona Grandis Teak

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Teak has been used for years and years in the boating industry. It is a naturally hard dense wood and great for outdoor use. Our Teak is kiln dried and perfect for your next project! Teak has a 50+ year life span.

Our Teakwood lumber is available in 1X6 (net 3/4" X 5") S4S, Grooved, Siding or T&G in 8', 9', 10', 11' and 12' lengths. It will span up to 16" on center joist spacing.

Genuine Teak decking is kiln dried and has the same life span as Ipe, Monkey Pod and Tigerwood. It is an extremely durable wood that is naturally resistant to mold, mildew and insects.

$2.60 l.f. - FREE SHIPPING on all orders over 500 l.f. Your choice of profiles: S4S, Grooved, Siding or Reversible T&G All profiles are the Same Great Price!

Teak, both Beautiful and Durable

Teak is perfect for decking, porch flooring or siding and makes a beautiful, warm addition to your home due to it's color and grain pattern.

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Teak - weathered 6 months

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