Wallaba Shingles

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Wallaba shingles are premium shingles for homeowners or commercial projects that require both beauty and durability. Wallaba roofing shingles are used everywhere, especially locations throughout the Caribbean because of its resistance to the effects of moisture and humidity.

Wallaba is a hardwood which is grown in the northeastern regions of South America. It is best known for its color, density and natural eliments that protect it against factors such as mold, fungus and insects including termites. This makes it a great choice for shingles.

Reasons choosing Wallaba are:

Deep reddish color (which turns to a silvery gray over time).

Natural resistance to mold, mildew, decay, fire and insects without the use of harsh chemical treatments.

Long lasting performance, even in extreme weather conditions.

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Additional Information:

• Each shingle overlaps with the next row of shingles, the length of the shingle left exposed is called "exposure".

• Depending on the projects designed exposure, you will either get more/less coverage per bundle.

• The general rule for wooden shingles is that exposure should target slightly less than 1/3 of the length of the shingle.