Shipping Info

We ship our hardwood throughout the U.S. directly from the warehouse to your home or job site (no middle man) and to shipyards for forwarding all over the world. We are a direct importer of Ipe.


Most orders are shipped via LTL (Less than Truck Load, aka tractor trailer). These trucks deliver all over the country directly to your home, job site or you can pick up your wood at the LTL terminal if you prefer. Residential Deliveries are hand offload by opening the pallets and the wood be offload with a minimum of 2 people present. Please tell us if you need a smaller 30' truck to deliver to your location if a tractor trailer will not work, they are available in most locations. Please note that the shipping companies do not consider home businesses/address as commercial and they will come back and charge a residential delivery fee. If you say it is delivering to a commercial address, please confirm it is a commercial address and not a home based business. This is the LTL Companies charging this, not Finest Brazilian Decking.

We can deliver to the shipyard of your choice. We call the shipyard for you to make sure they have everything that they need for your delivery and put the forwarding information on each bundle of wood so that the shipyard knows exactly where your wood is going. The cost of shipping from the shipyard to your location is your responsibility.

Our warehouse trucks or flatbed trucks are available for orders that are close to one of our several warehouses around the country.

Delivery Day: When your wood is delivered, you or your contractor must be present to offload the truck and sign for your delivery.

This doesn’t usually happen but please be sure to check for damage or shortages.

Your wood shipment is insured. Once your wood is loaded on a truck, it is now your wood (you own it) and you MUST take the responsibility to check your delivery and note any missing or damaged wood on the drivers paperwork at the time of delivery. We will be happy to help you with your claim: send us a list, pictures and a request for us to file the claim on your behalf. Once the claim is paid either from the insurance company or the shipping company, the full amount from the claim will be mailed to you. You can either order replacement wood and pay for it (while waiting for your claim) or wait for you claim payment and then order at that time.

BE SURE to note anything that you see on the driver's paperwork BEFORE he leaves. Even if you DO NOT think it is shipping damage, note any and all damage on his paperwork (this is our proof to the warehouse that the wood arrived the way you are describing). Even if he doesn’t give you something to sign, you MUST ask him for it. To make a claim, this MUST be done. Contact us ASAP with anything that you see. Make sure to take pictures of any damage at time of delivery and if you do have any issues with a board, DO NOT install it. Once the board has been cut, drilled or installed it is considered non-returnable.

If the driver offers to "help" offload your wood, MAKE SURE to ask him if there is a charge. If he says Yes and you do want the help, you will be responsible for this fee. If he says No, then make sure to write on his paperwork that there was no charge for him giving you a "hand". A liftgate CANNOT be used on this product and one will NOT be paid for. If you ask for a liftgate or sign for one (please make sure the driver didn’t put one on your paperwork), you will be responsible for the cost.

You have 2 business days to report this damage to us in order for us to forward it to the shipping company and the damage MUST be written on the drivers Bill of Lading Paperwork to file a claim. If it is NOT on his paperwork, your claim may not be paid.

Make sure your wood is stored in a place that it cannot get wet until you install it. Make sure it is stored with stacking sticks between the boards and that it is off of the ground. If it is outside, make sure that it is covered, but make sure to leave ventilation so air can still circulate around your wood. If you store your wood in a garage, make sure to have ventilation for air circulation and that the area does not have heat or air conditioning. If the wood came from a warehouse close to you, let it acclimate for a few days and if it did not ship from a warehouse near you, you should wait a minimum of 7-10 days before installing it.

Shortages or exchanges: If for any reason you believe you did not receive what you ordered or you believe you have received any defective goods, you have 48 hours to inform us so that we can check with our warehouse and place a possible claim.

Any special milled order, once milled (Grooved, T&G, Handrail, etc) cannot be canceled and are non-returnable and/or non-refundable unless damaged at time of delivery and noted on the drivers paperwork and pictures are sent to us within 24 hours.

Please DO NOT EVER write down an estimated value of the damage on your drivers ticket. There will be a re-delivery fee and possible packaging/crating fees that will apply (at no cost to you on damaged boards) and if you write down an estimated value, the shipping company will not cover any fees above that amount! If you do write an estimated amount or if the driver writes one and you sign for it, there may then be costs incurred to you.

If the driver offers to "help" offload your wood, MAKE SURE to ask him if there is a charge. If he says Yes and you do want the help, you will be responsible for this fee. If he says No, then make sure to write on his paperwork that there was no charge for him giving you a "hand". If the driver does help "at no charge", tipping them is your option and not the responsibility of Finest Brazilian Decking.

UPS or FedEx shipping is available for accessories or wood orders that are less than 8' in length or weigh less than 150 pounds. This is a great option for small orders or if just a couple of extra boards are needed. Please order a few extra boards with your original order to avoid this or any additional costs.

In most cases, you do have shipping options for your order so please tell us about your specific needs so we can plan the correct delivery option for you. We have warehouses all over the country so if possible we ship from whichever warehouse has your species of wood and is closest to your location.

Finest Brazilian Decking is not responsible for any delays that the warehouses or shipping companies may have (such as a milling machine breaking down, weather, shipping delays, holidays, etc).

This does NOT usually happen -- Finest Brazilian Decking is not responsible for any warehouse delays or for a missed appointment by the delivery company.

Shippers DO NOT deliver on weekends, all shipping terms such as "1 extra day for residential" does not include the weekend so a Friday delivery would mean Monday at the earliest. Please remember that the shipping company will call you to schedule your delivery with you.

Please DO NOT schedule any people to be at your home or job site to offload your wood until you have spoken to the shipping company and they have scheduled a delivery with you. Finest Brazilian Decking is not responsible for any fees incurred by workers waiting for your delivery. If a shipping company is late or does not deliver your wood as scheduled by them, you must work out any compensation with that shipping company (please be aware that most shippers will not pay any compensation for late or missed appointments).

Please DO NOT schedule any contractors until you wood has actually been delivered (in case there are any delays in your delivery for any reason). Finest Brazilian Decking is not responsible for any contractor fees for lost labor due to a delay in your delivery.

Your wood is carefully bundled and put on pallets for shipping

If you have any delivery issues, you MUST write it on the drivers paperwork BEFORE he leaves or the shipping company will NOT pay for the replacement of your new wood.


With the pallets underneath your wood, fork trucks can easily move your wood on and off of the trucks for shipping or for residential deliveries the pallets can be open and offloaded by hand (the shipping company or driver wil not assist in any way). Also notice that your wood is protected where the straps are with padding so the straps do not damage your boards and then your wood is wrapped in shrink wrap.