Shipping & Refunds


We ship all over the continental U.S. directly to your home or job site (we also ship to Canada or to the freight forwarder of your choice for further shipping to the Caribbean, Canada and the UK).

We do have wood in stock all over the U.S. and ship direct to you or your job site to save you money, (no middle man, we are a direct importer).

Every shipment has shipping insurance - at no extra cost to you!!!

This means if you should happen to have any damage (which usually doesn't happen), as long as you mark the damage on the truck drivers paperwork and send us pictures within 72 hours, your new wood can be ordered and ship out to you at no cost BUT only if you follow the above info. Please keep in mind if it is special milled wood, you new wood will need to be milled before it can be shipped.

Please ensure your wood is on site before scheduling any work to be done. All contractor scheduling and fees are the sole responsibility of you, the customer. Finest Brazilian Decking is not responsible in any way for any fees incurred from your contractor or a completion date contract for any delays in your delivery.

Refund Policy

Terms and Conditions

Shipping and Delivery: Freight costs are included on your invoice unless otherwise specified (i.e. pick up at warehouse, etc.).

If you qualify for free shipping, someone must be there to offload the truck. If no one is there to accept deliver (an appointment with a time frame window will be made with you ahead of time), there will be a charge for any additional deliveries.

Once your wood has been special milled and/or shipped from our warehouse, your order cannot be cancelled. Specially milled wood that has been milled to your specific needs cannot be "un-milled" (returned to original stock condition) so it is cannot be cancelled or returned. Finest Brazilian Decking is not responsible for any milling delays (due to equipment breaking down, etc.) or shipping delays by the freight company.

Shortages or exchanges: If for any reason you believe you did not receive what you ordered or you believe you have received any defective goods, you have 72 hours to inform us so that we can check with our warehouse and place a claim.

Returns: Any returns must be authorized by our warehouse before the return is made. If you are returning wood because you figured wrong and ordered too much wood or your design has changed, etc., the shipping is your responsibility. Our main goal is customer satisfaction, so please contact us with any questions or concerns. You may be subject to a restocking fee.

When a return is approved you will receive an email confirming your return. Your refund amount will be evaluated once the material has been delivered back to the warehouse and inspected, this is to insure that the wood is in the same condition as when it left our warehouse. The reason for this is we have actually had boards returned that had been cut, have screws holes in them, was not our wood or is good quality wood that should never have been returned. Due to these circumstances and others similar, we had to change our return policy to protect our customers as well as ourselves.

If your wood is damaged in any way during shipping (this very rarely happens), you will not be responsible for shipping it back to the warehouse, the warehouse or trucking company will arrange for that. DO NOT DISCARD this wood, you must keep it until you are notified as to whether it is being picked up or that you can throw it away. If you do not return your damaged wood (give it to the driver that is sent to pick it up), you will be charged in full for your new wood.

Please keep in mind that this is all natural wood and can have watermarks, dirt or need a little sanding with an 80 grit sandpaper. This is due to the fact that it is an all natural product and this is normal for wood, it is not a man made manufactured product.

Wax applied on the ends of any cross cut boards will help to prevent cracking, this is very important.

Natural wood is subject to surface (season) checking (also known as stress checking). It does not hurt the integrity of your wood. These stress checking may be more prevalent at certain times of the year depending on your climate.

As this is an all-natural wood product, once you have accepted your delivery and signed for it and installed your deck, this releases Finest Brazilian Decking from all of their obligations for wood replacement.

All returns, for any reason other than damage, are the customer's responsibility This includes - freight back to the warehouse, any restocking fees depending on the item(s) and the reason for return. All returns are non-refundable unless approved first by the warehouse.

Any products that have been custom milled will not be accepted as a return under any circumstance unless it was damaged in shipping.

If you refuse your delivery.

If you refuse your delivery for any reason other than damage (call us first, most damage must be accepted and held for the shipper to claim), you will be responsible for your initial shipping and return shipping to the warehouse (and a possible restocking fee).

Deliveries are always curbside. Drivers will not deliver your wood into your driveway due to liabilities. If a driver does offer to help, ask if there is a fee so they do not later try to bill you.

Please keep in mind that different companies (lighting, wood, fasteners, etc.) have different refund policies and if you are returning something that you ordered incorrectly, there may be a restocking fee and that fee varies per company.

Please DO NOT EVER write down an estimated value of the damage on your drivers ticket. There will be a re-delivery fee and possible packaging/crating fees that will apply (at no cost to you on damaged boards) and if you write down an estimated value, the shipping company will not cover any fees above that amount! If you do write an estimated amount or if the driver writes one and you sign for it, there may then be costs incurred to you. Unfortunately some shippers try everything they can to add cost to your shipment! Also, NEVER

Finest Brazilian Decking is not responsible for any unforeseeable delays from any warehouse or shipping companies (such as machines breaking down, weather delays, shipping delays, holidays, etc).

Damage or Defects

Replacement wood will be sent to you at no charge AS LONG AS the damage is noted on the drivers paperwork at the time of delivery (before he leaves), pictures are emailed to us (within 48 hours) along with a list (quantities and lengths) of what was damaged and once the warehouse and/or shipping company has seen the pictures and determined that you wood is damaged or defective, then new wood will be sent. In some instances a representative may come and see your wood (if this is deemed necessary by the warehouse and/or shipping company).

If you do not note it on the driver's paperwork, Finest Brazilian Decking, the shipping company and/or warehouse will not replace your wood under any circumstance.

Refund for a Cancelled Order - Subject to approval.

Any cancellations for an order that has been processed is subject to a possible restocking fee if the order has been pulled.

If the order was placed on a credit card, the credit card fee will not be refunded and a refund check will be mailed to you for the difference (to avoid a second credit card fee for the refund).

If an order has been shipped, it cannot be cancelled.

For important information about letting your wood acclimate, please click the button and scroll down until you see the info about acclimation of your wood

Acclimation of your wood