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DuxxBak® Dekk is a revolutionary deck board that was made famous by combining their weather defying compound with a water-shedding, no drip profile which creates a dry space beneath your deck, walkway or balcony, creating a great all weather outdoor living space.

Save your family barbecue from the hot summer sun, an unexpected downpour or create a functional storage area underneath your deck with this innovative, premiere composite. Its unique water-shedding properties protect your home by channeling water away from the foundation (can be used with regular gutters). Also protects your deck structure from rotting as a result of exposure to the elements, which is a major cause of deck failure. Available in both our beautiful, wood-grain embossed ArmorCap or our more functional Traction Finish. This no drip through composite decking will increase the functionality of your deck and is increasingly being requested/specified for use on multi-family housing projects where stacked decks are both popular and necessary.

DuxxBak Dekk is engineered to shed water away from your deck without the need for a secondary under-mount water-drainage system. Our system diverts the water away from your home through its watertight design.

Create additional living space and/or storage with DuxxBak Dekk. It is the only completely Wood-Free and PVC-free composite, water-shedding deck system on the market today.

Like water off a duck's back.....

DuxxBak Dekk is the one step solution to creating a dry, functional area beneath your elevated deck, balcony, or walkway. Created using our patented, weather-defying compound, our decking eliminates the need for a secondary drainage system, which can be costly. Our composite also makes both fiberglass and lightweight-concrete decks obsolete, as it is faster and easier to install, not to mention more aesthetically pleasing! Whether installed in your backyard or on apartment building balcony, DuxxBak Dekk is the perfect choice.. With our patented compound, your deck can be absolutely impervious to the elements, which will extend your outdoor living time frame.

With outdoor living space available under your deck with DuxxBak Dekk, you’ll never need to worry again about your party if a rainstorm rolls in. With DuxxBak Dekk installed on apartment balconies, you’ll never be concerned about what’s happening on the floor above you, as all liquids and debris are diverted out over the deck’s edge. DuxxBak Dekk… like water off a duck’s back.

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DuxxBak Dekk Benefits

Board Performance

  • Impervious to weather: Wet- Humid- Hot- Dry-Cold-Snow-Wind and Salt.
  • Retains its beauty, luster, and structural integrity.
  • Does not swell, crack, crumble or warp due to weather exposure.
  • Eliminates decay from moisture, mold and mildew.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty.
  • Stronger than other options.
  • No painting, staining, or waterproofing needed…EVER!
  • Eliminate chipping, cracking and de-laminating.
  • The ultimate in fade resistance.
  • Superior color retention.
  • Contains no wood flour – unlike our wood composite competitors.
  • Industry-leading ratings for both mechanical strength and durability.
  • Made in USA with Renewable Resources.

Style and Performance

  • Water Shedding, No Drip, Solid Surface.
  • Creates a dry functional space below your deck.
  • Outdoor furniture can safely be stored under your deck.
  • Fast, simple installation.
  • Both Decking and Drainage in one easy application.
  • Multiple finish and color options.
  • Makes secondary drainage systems obsolete, which saves you money.
  • Unparalleled manufacturer support.
  • Diverts water away from your foundation.
  • Safeguard your decks substructure from damaging water contact and moisture buildup.
  • Ideal for multi-family projects, such as apartment balconies or condominium carports.
  • Spans joists at 24”.

Learn more about DuxxBak® Composite Decking , call today for info and a free quote.

Installation Guilde: https://www.duxxbakdecking.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/DuxxBak-Installation-Guide-V13.8-041521-web.pdf

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