Nova ExoClad QuickClip, Nylon 6/6

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Nova ExoClad QuickClip, Nylon 6/6 -- , 1-1/2" Long, 3/4". Stand-Off Resilient - Siding Clips.

$1.40 per clip - quantity discounts available.

(SS Screws not included).

Nova - Real Solutions for Real Wood

This is ONLY Clip System that allows your wood to expand and contract naturally. Perfect for Hardwoods like Ipe, Cumaru, Batu, Garapa and Tigerwood..

Nova ExoClad QuickClip, Nylon 6/6

Natural wood siding is always subject to expansion and contraction (in the width of the boards) as a result of seasonal changes such as humidity in your environment.

We designed our Siding Clips specifically to allow for this natural expansion and contraction in the widths of individual boards after installation. Our clip is stiff enough to hold the gap perfectly while installing, yet it is flexible/ resilient enough to allow the wood swell up to 1/8" in width.

Typical siding boards can swell up to 1/8” in width. Our Siding Clips will compress to absorb this expansion. When the wood later dries out, our spring clip will move the boards back into place, centered perfectly and securely fastened to the side of your structure.

Lifetime Warranty

Our Siding Clips have a limited lifetime warranty subject to certain terms and conditions. Please see for details on our warranty and registration.

Installation instructions for our Siding Clips and manufacturer’s installation instructions for the wood siding itself must be followed for the warranty to be valid.

Be sure to follow all manufacturer’s instructions, including finishing your siding with an appropriate penetrating oil wood finish such as ExoSheild.

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