DeckWise™ Hardwood Wrench Jr.

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DeckWise Hardwood Wrench Jr.™ - $95.95

The Ultimate Lightweight & Economical Deck Board Straightening Tool!

Builders and contractors using tools that are specifically designed for a job and when it comes to minimizing your job site time, they turn to the DeckWise® tool line! Deck installers across the country know our original Hardwood Wrench™ is the beefiest, most stout deck board straightening tool on the market today! Its toughness and durability will outlast the most hardcore decking contractor.

Once again DeckWise® has outdone themselves. We've scaled down the Hardwood Wrench™ to a "junior" size for the DIYer and weekend warrior deck builder. This lighter and more economical deck board straightening tool version makes the Hardwood Wrench Jr. a valiant contender as it brazenly bends unruly hardwoods, thermal woods, pressure treated, and composites into submission. Just like his Papa!

Hands Free Board Fastening!

  1. Rotating Cam Locks-in Boards
  2. Up to 1,100 lbs. of Pushing Force
  3. Solid Steel Pins Grab Joists Tight
  4. Multi-Directional Capabilities
  5. Right or Left Hand Operation
  6. Reversible Handle for Tight Spaces
  7. Adjustable for Single or Double Joists

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