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Our Sylvanix Elite Collection draws from nature to capture the essence and aesthetics of real wood. Subtle Texture and color variations mimic the intricate details of the natural grain in wood. Our range of colors fit style with warmth and are instantly inviting. From the subtle blue undertones of our Lake Grey to the golden hues of our Harvest Brown, our Elite Collection is a perfect solution for your outdoor living space and are ready to complement any decor or surrounding.

Elite Series - Beautifully Resilient Colors - $6.05 l.f. - Available in 12', 16' and 20'.

Why settle for just one color when you can have two? Our Sylvanix Elite is the only composite deck board featuring two different, complementary colors on each board. With eight coordinating wood tones spread across four boards, you can easily mix and match colors to create visual interest with accents, patterns, borders and custom designs. The options are limitless.

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Skyline Series - $4.65 l.f. - Available in 12', 16' and 20'.

Our Skyline Series decking is a unique product line that features two distinct finish options on a single board. The Architectural and Traditional finishes were both designed to provide exceptional slip resistance and durability in areas with heavy foot traffic and that are often very wet.

Skyline decking stands up to the demands of commercial, leisure, and hospitality spaces and offers homeowners a safer surface around pools and on stairs. No need to waterproof and no painting or staining needed. No rotting or no warpage. Year after year of splinter-free beauty and performance with very little maintenance.

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Square Edge Boards

Elite Square Edge - $6.05 l.f. - Available in 20'.

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Skyline Square Edge Boards $4.65 l.f. - Available in 20'

Fascia - Elite - $9.85 l.f. - Available 12'

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Facia Skyline - $8.80 l.f. - Available in 12'.

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Risers - Elite - $6.50 l.f. - Available in 12'.

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Riser - Skyline - $6.40 l.f. - Available in 12'.

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