Kanda decking is both a stable and durable hardwood, commonly used in outdoor decking and siding applications. Imported from Central and West Africa, the World Wildlife Federation’s Guide to Lesser-Known Species lists Kanda as a viable alternative for genuine mahogany.

Kanda decking is frequently chosen due to its warm color and attractive grain while also being resistant to fungi, termites and wood borers. This wood is easy to work and install, it is the perfect choice for your next decking project.

Janka hardness of 1,200

Attractive color and grain pattern.

Excellent stability, with very little movement in service.

Easy to work, cut, and install.

5/4X6 - $4.10 l.f. - Add .40 l.f. to groove for hidden fasteners.

4' - 16' Lengths (please call if specific lengths are needed).

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Kanda 3.jpg