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Hardwood Plug Cutters

DeckWise® Hardwood Plug Cutters

  • Our Plug Cutters offer the following features:
  • Extra Sharp Cutting Teeth

  • On Site Convenience

  • Anti-Skate Design

  • 3/8" $12.95 each

    1/2" $14.80 each

Even if you buy your plugs, this tool is great to have on hand in case you fall short. You won't have to wait to have some shipped to you, just make your own!

Warning: To reduce the risk of injury, make sure to read and understand the operator's manual before use. Always wear eye protection when making your plugs.


Step 1: Attach bit to your drill. This bit can be used with any drill or your drill press.


Step 2: Remove the plastic pin protective cover and insert the retractable point into your wood.


Step 3: Secure your scrap piece of wood with clamps before cutting. Slowly increase the drill speed until the teeth begin to cut, then increase your drill to maximum speed until you have reached a depth of approximately 3/8".


Step 4: Remove your plug by snapping it free. Insert a small screwdriver or small chisel into the cut and push against the plug along the grain. Snapping against the grain will result in the plug breaking unevenly and will be too short to use.