Yellow Batu - (Yellow Balou)

1X6 and 5/4X6 In Stock Now!

Both Beautiful and Durable! Golden/Yellow Batu/Balou has a brownish/yellow heartwood with a light brown sapwood. Its grain can be straight or interlocked, featuring a glossy and smooth texture. It has great durability along with a great Janka of 1600. Yellow Batu/Balou has been used for years both for finer uses such as flooring and for heavy duty uses as well, such as decks, marine docks and heavy construction. A great wood for your new deck. Indonesian Bangkirai hardwood is a great choice.

1X6 - In Stock

R/L 8' - 12' $3.45 l.f.

5/4X6- In Stock

R/L 8' - 16' $4.75 l.f. - In Stock Now

Specific tallies, please call for quote.

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