Pucte (Mexican Ipe)

In Stock - 1X6 Decking - available in S4S, Grooved, T&G. $3.98 l.f. and 5/4X6 $4.98 l.f.


Pucte (also known as Mexican Ipe, Caribbean Walnut or Bucida Buceras) is great for decking. Similar in color to Ipe (or you can use a Walnut Tint UV Oil to make it even darker).

Pucte wood is extremely hard, dense and very durable which makes it the perfect choice for your outdoor deck. It is a great choice for both outdoor decks or interior applications and it will look beautiful years to come. It offers a resistance of 3,300 pounds per square inch, making it perfect for your next outdoor deck design. Pucte has a Janka Scale Hardness of 1,970 and is kiln dried.

Other sizes available, please ask.

Pucte Deck.jpg

Pucte Deck - No UV Oil Applied Yet

More info, pictures and pricing coming soon!