PowerHand-Dextor Works

Our New Power Hand is a powerful deck tool that is designed to save you time by increasing the efficiency of your deck installation. This great new tool can straighten and hold any deck board, can be used on multiply deck boards if needed and is tightened with your power drill!

One Power Hand will make installing longer decking boards easier and most contractors use two Power Hands so that they can straighten the entire board prior to fastening it. The Power Hand will not only pay for itself quickly but will also increase your productivity and definitely help ease your installation due to our new power drill tightening process. If you working alone or need to increase productivity, then this is the tool for you!


Dextor™ Power Hand

$189.95 each or $359.90.00 for 2.

  • Larger discounts apply per quantity (6 pc. or 12 pc.)
  • To become a stocking dealer for this great new product, please contact us!


Dexter™ Power Hands will be a great addition to your deck tools! Makes installation quick and easy and it also pulls your longer boards into place. Most longer hardwood boards will have a slight bow (it is an all natural wood) so your new Power Hand will pull them into place while you install your fasteners.