Black Talon Hidden Fasteners


Black Talon Technical Specs

Multi-millions of square feet of deck surface have been installed with these clips for more than 20 years! 301 fully hardened, stainless steel that allows clips to stay tight with the deck boards during expansion, contraction and sub-structure movement.Proprietary leg design that holds the clip in place during installation while setting a consistent gap between boards. Alternate leg design allows for installations not parallel to joist or for joists larger than a 2" nominal.

Black oxide treated to reduce visibility from top of deck.

#8 X 1 7/8" 305 SS Screws also black oxide treated.


  • Universal design that will work with any profiled deck board.
  • Proven design with over 12 years of field experience.
  • Unique design that holds deck board tight while moving with deck board and not fatiguing over time.
  • Fast, efficient and easy to install.
  • Virtually eliminates all pre-drilling associated with hardwoods or composites.
  • Easy to access screw to tighten or replace board.

Packaging--Straight or Angle Clips

  • 172 SS clips and screws per box with 2 torx head driver bits.

  • Boxes will cover 100 sq ft with nominal 6" deck board and 16" joist spacing. Automatically sets a 3/16" spacing between your boards.
  • Cases are packed 18 box master case.
  • $125.00 per box.
  • Black Talon Clips for installing your wood at an angle are also available. $115.00 per box.
  • Both clips automatically space your boards at 3/16".

For Picture Frame Decks, using the grooved decking for the perimeter and a standard clip (with the legs removed) in the groove allows the extended end of the clip to fit in the frame groove to help hold all secure.

  • Black Talon used with Border Board.jpg