SkyLift Roof Riser


SkyLift is a great product! If you want to extend a cover over your patio but your roof line is too low, we have the answer. SkyLift enables you to start your Pergola above your roof line so even with the angle of your Pergola, you are able to have plenty of head room and open your patio doors.

Now you don't have to cancel your party plans, you will have cover rain or shine plus shade on those hot summer days.


Rain or shine - enjoy your patio!

  • ~Solves any low slope problems or issues.
  • ~The height provides for an extended view and still allows natural light.
  • ~Higher roof area allows for better air flow.
  • ~Patio Covers allow for enjoyment rain or shine.
  • ~The larger your roof pitch, the less chance there is for debris accumulation or leaks on your party!
  • ~Your gutter system will remain intact, will not be disturbed and will remain easy to maintain.
  • ~Allows your patio roof to match the slope of your existing roof, allows for lights and fans to be hung due to the added height and give you curb appeal.
  • ~SkyLift uses standard roof jack flashing for a water tight installation.
  • ~The Engineered SkyLift provides you with structural integrity for peace of mind.
  • ~The larger opening between the roof and your patio cover allows for your heat and BBQ fumes to vent up and out of your outdoor living area.
  • ~Views from inside are not obstructed by lower outlying support beams.
  • ~Allows more headroom at the lowest point in your roof areas so even your tallest quest will have plenty of headroom!
  • ~You no longer need a post fastener to your house or posts that will be in the way or block the view from your windows.

*SkyLift Engineered bracket hardware is Patent Pending and will soon be available in 316SS for salt water areas.

SkyLift Brackets

The SkyLift Bracket hardware is designed and engineered to support an elevated wood framed patio roof cover.

PacTool International - Roof Snake.jpg

PacTool International - Roof Snake

Use this great tool for the installation of your SkyLift Brackets. Easily replace your shingles with accuracy with this incredible tool. The nail slot feature aligns your nails for the proper 1" offset while the unique nail pulling end replaces the need for an additional flat bar.

Roof Riser.jpg

18" - 3 1/2" Saddle $229.99

24" - 3 1/2" Saddle $236.99

30" - 3 1/2" Saddle $249.99

36" - 3 1/2" Saddle $259.99

18" - 3 1/2" Saddle $229.99

18" - 4R Saddle $229.99

18" - 6" Saddle $238.99

18" - 7 1/2" Saddle $238.99

Roof Riser 18 inch 3.5.jpg

Roof Riser 12 inch 3.5 and 5.5.jpg