ExoDek QuickClip

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  • Clips are for 5/4X Material (net 1" thick) - 175 Clips = $139.00
  • Can be used with any #8 Deck Screw, screws are NOT included.

Hidden Deck Fasteners For Hardwood Decking - Natural hardwood decking is always subject to some expansion and contraction in the width of the boards as a result of seasonal changes in humidity in your individual location, whether it's Ipe or a Kiln Dried Hardwood.

We designed our ExoDek QuickClip hidden deck fastener specifically to allow for this natural expansion and shrinkage in the widths of individual boards after installation.

Our ExoDek QuickClip hidden decking fastener will compress to absorb this expansion, then when the wood dries out, our hidden fastener spring clip will move the boards back into place, centered perfectly while securely fastened to the joist below.

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PLEASE NOTE: These clips require a different milling size (grooved cost is the same).

Installation Instructions for Hidden Decking Fasteners

5/4 ExoDek QuickClip hidden deck fasteners are for use with 5/4x4 and 5/4x6 with groove centered in height - installer may choose best face. May also be used with 2x4 and 2x6 with groove offset towards bottom face - locate groove 7/16” from bottom face. Run groove with best face up, boards will not be reversible.

Use exterior rated screws to fasten the clip directly into the joists below. Maximum width of screw head should be 1/4”. #8 or #10 screws are recommended with a minimum length of 1-3/4”.


We recommend when installing your new deck with our hidden deck fasteners in sections of 4 to 6 rows at a time. Be sure to check alignment of rows (with a laser guide if available) and keep the distance from your walls consistent as you work outwards.

Starter board should be fastened with Screws and Plugs (we have the ProPlug Kits available) Starter clips are also available, sold separately.


Lifetime Warranty - ExoDek QuickClip hidden deck fasteners have a limited lifetime warranty subject to certain terms and conditions. Please ask for details on the warranty and registration.

Installation instructions for the ExoDek QuickClip hidden deck fasteners and the manufacturer’s installation instructions for the wood decking itself must be followed for the warranty to be valid.

Be sure to allow for adequate ventilation underneath your deck and follow all manufacturer’s instructions, including using a an appropriate penetrating oil wood finish. ExoShield exterior wood finish is the very best and longest-lasting wood stain available today and available in a wide selection of colors. It has a fungicide to prevent rot and decay and ExoShield is made in the USA.