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A Distinctive aluminum wood-grain look surface that provides a lifetime of performance and a beautiful finish to your outdoor project.

Decking: Lightweight, easy to install and 100% recyclable. The ultimate in worry-free outdoor living. Stays 20 - 30% cooler than composite and pvc decking.

Cladding: The look of wood with none of the maintenance. Contemporary, clean and durable.

Fencing: The luxurious look of wood and lasts a lifetime. No staining or painting needed.

Commercial and Residential use.

Levanté® Powered by Decoral®

Levanté® wood-grain finishes are built with impeccable detail. Finished with Decoral® powder coating, the global leader in decorative powder coating. Beautiful, durable and created to last.

Decoral® Performance

When compared to other wood-grain aluminum product finishes, Decoral® outperforms them all. Worry free, environment resistant and built to have that beautiful and luxurious just installed look throughout the years.

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Levanté® boards are available in 19′ lengths. The usable length of a board is 18′-11″ long.

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