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New Radiance Landscape Lights LED Landscape Lighting, Outdoor Lighting!

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These multi-functional LED Lights bring out the beauty of your home.

Radiance LED Landscape Lighting and Multi-functional LED Outdoor Lighting: DEKOR’s most versatile addition to our growing Millennium Outdoor LED lighting family--radiant light with high light output, incredible efficiency and versatility of use. The new Radiance Light brings range and a whole new dimension to your outdoor lighting design-- “the ability to project a radius of light like no other light has done before”.

DEKOR’s Radiance Landscape Light will give you the ability to add dramatic lighting effects to your landscape, from washes of light to more subtle ambient illumination (through the use of a dimmer). Use to highlight architectural features or distinctive garden elements! Our new LED Landscape Lights easily go from accent to atmospheric, at any angle, to enhance your outdoor living space, all while adding safety and security to your home.

Our new Radiance Multi-Functional Light is the very same light but without the landscape spike. It can be mounted on any solid vertical surface – brick walls, decks, soffits, and more. The light’s multi-functional nature and flexible positioning give you design freedom for truly creative outdoor lighting. Uplighting, downlighting - it’s all possible with the new Radiance Multi-function Light.

Both lights cast a natural looking, soft white light that will bring out the beauty of your home or landscape and blend well with other DEKOR™ LED accent lighting, incandescent lighting or light from other high quality light fixtures.


Radiance Landscape Light Highlights

  • Waterproof
  • Minimal installation
  • 180° swivel
  • 120° beam radius
  • High output SMD LEDs
  • Energy efficient (1.9 watts)
  • Robust die cast aluminum fixture
  • Corrosion resistant coating
  • Polycarbonate lens will not yellow
  • 5 year Warranty for lights
  • 30 year powder coat warranty

The Technology Behind Our New Radiance Light: DEKOR™ is extremely proud of our new multi-functional Radiance Light. Its name depicts it ability to project a radius of light like no other light has done before. It’s multi-functionality allows it to be used to light a step, a roof soffit, pathways, landscaping or the side of a house, to name just a few of the possibilities.

It took some time to perfect this design as it needed to hit on several fronts that I knew were important to our customers. The unit is waterproof, easily installed, very power efficient, has a 5 year warranty and has that robust feel that our customers have come to expect from DEKOR™. I’m very proud of the final design and how it projects light in almost a 120 degree swath with the light output (240 Lumens) that other manufactures can only dream about. It can be ordered with a landscape spike or with simple bracket version for mounting to any vertical surface with the supplied mounting screws.

The light has the latest in high output LED technology, SMD (Surface Mounted Device) allowing unparallel efficiency performance of less than 1.9 watts of power consumption making this light very stingy on the electricity. Would you expect anything less from DEKOR™’s LED Green Technology? The light is a very smooth 3200 Kelvin color where you have the softness of white with the warm glow of slight yellow. This is DEKOR™’s trademark color and very few others can or will put this expense into their LED’s.The unit is completely waterproof so whether you orient the light up or down makes no difference to its longevity and makes for a perfect fit in the marine/dock applications. The housing is made from die cast aluminum which is treated to resist corrosion prior to having a powder coating finish applied at our facility. The light has a 6’ all weather electrical pigtail which allows for easy installation and wire termination.

One of the clever design aspects of the lights is the stainless steel mounting brackets. Once the multi-purpose bracket is screwed in place you will never have to use another tool on the light. The light is secured in place using friction fit grommets that hold the light in place and allow for the light to even be rotated 180 degrees for an entirely different look. Our landscape light has swivel capability allowing the customer to direct the light where they want it. Point the light downwards for walkways or shrubbery or straight into the air for lighting the side of a house.

The polycarbonate lens protecting the LED’s is extremely strong as well as being UV stable which means it will not yellow regardless of environment severity.

These lights are available in 4 great colors to match any decor!


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Landscape Light

Multi-Function Light2.jpg

Multi-Function Light

Multi-Function Light.jpg

Multi-Function Light


Radiance Landscape Light


Radiance Multi-Function Light


Waterproof 36W LED Transformer (supports 18 Radiance Lights)


Waterproof 60W LED Transformer (supports 30 Radiance Lights)


Waterproof 100W LED Transformer (supports 50 Radiance Lights)


EZ Waterproof Dimmer, Teachable Remote


EZ Photocell Timer


Wire Outdoor Rated 100 FT

LEAD TIMES FOR SHIPPING: All Radiance lights: ship in 2 - 3 business days.