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Glass Panels for Deck Railings

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If you have a great view from your deck and you don’t want to spoil it by having to look through balusters or spindles, what do you do? Glass panels are the perfect answer.

Our glass panels are the BEST on the market and with our stylish option of LED illumination, they are the BEST choice when you want to have the perfect view. These commercial quality glass panels are ½” thick and able to withstand hurricane-level wind loads. The panels are ½” tempered glass with pencil polished edges. Pencil polish gives a smooth rounded edge. Competitor panels are usually ¼” thick and no edge polishing.

Our glass panels are 7.5” wide, so you would use 1 panel per linear foot of railing as a guideline to determine the number of panels needed. Our glass panels are very thick, heavy (8.6 lbs each for 26″ high panel) and are made to withstand the elements.

DEKOR® Lighting features Cree LEDs at a precise 3200 Kelvin. This color temperature strikes the perfect balance of warm and cool, creating an elegant white light that makes any home shine. DEKOR® Lighting uses 3200K Cree LEDs in most of our lighting creations, making our collection comprehensive and unified. Glass Perfect Panels are sold separately.

This is one of our simplest products to install with only 2 wood screws for each end cap required to hold everything in place, how simple is that? The LED lights used on our glass panels are by CREE and we back our lights with a 10-year warranty.

  • $88.30 Each add 39.13 for Lights (Total of $127.43 with lighting)
  • Choice of 26", 27" or 32" Height
  • Choice of 7 color options below

Want to add that personal, unique look to your deck? Here is the perfect answer!

  • Make your deck like no other with our etched panels.
  • For etching add $31.04 each
  • For Custom Etching -$149.00 Set Up Fee (max. files size 8MB)
  • Choice of 7 color options below for caps.
  • dekor-etched-glass-patterns_orig.jpg
  • dekor-perfect-panel-colors-2019.jpg

LEAD TIMES FOR PANEL SHIPPING Standard orders: Ship in 12 - 14 days.

Custom etching designs are available. Please upload a Black & White JPG, PDF, TIFF image. Image size must be minimum 72dpi at 2400 px x 1800 px or larger. Allow an additional 48 hours for DEKOR to set up art. Max etching size on glass panel is 7" wide by 14" tall.