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All Weather Dock Lighting


Dock lights not only create a beautiful effect for your dock but are an important safety feature as well.

There is no question, our Dock Lights not only transform your dock into a beautiful night time environment but make it extremely safe as well. They not only light up the walkway and dock area but are available in red and green so you and other boaters can tell which way you are approaching your dock from the water.

Combine any of our kits to get the effect that works best for your area. Del Dots, Down Lights, Post Lights and Directional Post Caps are only a few ideas of what you can do. There are endless possibilities!!!


Our red and green dock lights are a perfect way to light the end of your dock so you can tell which side of your dock you are approaching at night and also protects it from other boaters accidentally running into it!

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Deck Dots

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Marine Paver NeXGen


Combining the compact nature of our Deck Dots™ recessed lighting collection along with the waterproof capabilities of our Plug-N-Play technology, then adding vital marine safety features, our Dock Dots™ were born. Installing completely flush with your wooden dock (so no tripping issues), our LED dock lights blend effortlessly into any surface, making your life just a little better, safer and simpler.

Our remote control makes these dock lights even better! To further expand the possibilities of your LED dock lighting, all DEKOR® DockDot™ dock lighting fixtures are intelligently designed with the ability to adjust the brightness you desire. Choose from our various dimmer accessories to open up a world of possibilities for your new dock lights, from the classic EZ Dimmer to the forward-thinking EZ Wifi Controller. Using the EZ Wifi Controller, you can adjust brightness, set a schedule for your dock lights, create a custom marine lighting zone with custom settings, and beyond. Find what is ideal for your setup and brightness with a simple connection between your EZ transformer and dock lighting. With the click of your button, your dock lights truly become one-of-a-kind and personalized to your needs.

What sets Dock Dots™ apart from all the rest is their tough transparent polycarbonate housing which covers every dock light. Not only serving as a smooth camouflage into your dock so they are hidden and out of the way but our dock lights cover is mightier than you may think. Measuring 1” around, this polycarbonate dock lights housing is nearly indestructible and pound for pound tougher than the strongest aluminum.

With this durable housing, you can always rely on DEKOR’s® dock lighting fixtures to shine through it all. In fact, our LED dock lights are so durable, we invite you to step right on the light without causing fading, breaking or cracking. With Dock Dots™, you can light the way to not only fun but safely without missing a step.